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Professional desktop 3D printers are designed to be versatile enough to test design ideas and produce durable end products. Our platform can be used for various applications, from elastic and flexible to firm and rigid.

Design Modular, Thanks to the Controller Area Network’s innovative application of modularity, you can further use your imagination to customize your printer with potent modules and spectacular add-ons. Enclosures, Rotary Modules, Emergency Stop Buttons, and Air Purifiers are all items we sell for higher-level applications!

Effortless Usage: You can efficiently operate your best desktop 3D printer thanks to its design. For makers, the assembly will be exceedingly user-friendly. You can connect the printer to any setup via Wi-Fi or USB. With the help of our Touchscreen, which streamlines the workflow of your everyday assignments, you may control your most often-used tasks directly.

High caliber, We extended the all-metal design’s capabilities for the printer. Made of high-performance aluminum alloys, the parts are accurate and dependable. Not only do they have a high-end appearance, but they also routinely perform well. It can be 3D print, laser engraving, and CNC cut items in high resolution since it uses only components of the highest caliber and has high accuracy and reproducibility.

3 in 1 software, Your Snapmaker machines work perfectly with our 3-in-1 software, Luban. It is a free, open-source CAM program dedicated to software services that enable complete controls over 3D printing, laser engraving and cutting, and CNC carving capabilities: one single, potent software for all your duties.

Numerous Materials, You couldn’t even conceive how many materials our machine could support. The printer allows you to bring any idea to life. It works with a variety of materials, including PLA, ABS, TPU, PETG for 3D printing, wood, MDF, vegetable-tanned leather, cotton fabric, A4 white paper, white cardstock, non-transparent acrylic for laser engraving and cutting, acrylic sheet, carbon fiber sheet, POM, PCB for CNC carving.

Snapmaker can continue refining the 2.0 series because of the valuable feedback from its devoted users. As a result, the most recent Snapmaker versions have updated 3D Printing Module, Linear Module, and Power Module installed. It offers a considerably quieter working environment and an improved speed and quality print combination.

A more effective motion control algorithm, the coordination between the Extruder and the Linear Modules, is improved by the motion control algorithm optimization on the printer. As a result, issues like gaps, cracks, and overflow are significantly reduced, maintaining quality while printing at moderate to high speeds. An improved cooling system, the cooling system for best the desktop 3D printer, has been updated to deliver lightning-quick response times and impeccable accuracy. Larger projects can now be printed in 3D even more quickly.

3-in-1 Snapmaker 2.0 Modular The 3-in-1 3D Printer unleashes your creative potential, from 3D printing to laser engraving, cutting, and CNC carving. It is a new 3-in-1 3D printer that is smarter, quicker, larger, and more powerful than ever before.

High caliber, All Snapmaker models are made to last. We pushed the limits of all-metal construction even further with the Snapmaker 2.0 series. The majority of the modules and main components are composed of high-strength metal.

After several manufacturing stages, the aerospace-grade aluminum alloys are transformed into precision, dependable Snapmaker modules. The printer looks at the part and performs admirably.

Auto Leveling Auto Leveling was created to make bed leveling easier. An induction sensor can probe the bed in a grid and apply mesh-based compensation to ensure you print on a level bed every time without sophisticated operations. Filament Runout Recovery, Unfinished prints, or “air printing” are unacceptable. When the filament runs out, the machine will notify you. You can now print huge items without anxiety. Visit our sites for information about the cost of metal 3D printing today.
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