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A patent is a type of IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) that get conferred to the inventor for his invention. It offers exclusive type of rights to the inventor to stop others from imitating or even trading the invention without his agreement. The patent protection is country-specific and it even serves a lifetime of twenty years.  of course, if you don’t know much about it then you can hire the experts like patent registration services and ensure you have your patent registered.

You should definitely know that after the completion of this timeline, inventions turn out to be publicly accessible. The granted patent can offer the applicant host of productive advantage to the inventor. This post is going to get you a quick clarity about everything you wanted to know.

Significance of patent registration 

Patent laws authorize individuals to come up with unique and even productive concepts or ideas once the patent is granted. The trading and licensing of an invention get permitted under the patent law. Since the Patent gets country-specific, the patent approved in India will hold its relevance inside the Indian Territory only. To get the global protection, one has to avail even country-wise patent. The patent system accurately advocates the new ideas that in order promise the country’s growth. The given section involves the possible advantages of the patent registration that helps the owner to grow reliably over the course of time.

Get full Protection Against Infringement

A patent gets you the legal right to avert others from counterfeiting, manufacturing, or selling the invention without even your consent. You get the protection for a restricted timeline (twenty years to be precise), permitting you to keep the infringers and the competitors at the distance. Keeping the infringers out of the equation is maybe the one of the most critical benefits of the overall patent registration. So, talk to a good patent legal services and ensure they help you register your patent right away.

Patented Invention Is Tradable

Alternatively, you can even license the patent to get the royalties for an extended timeline. This can offer you a sustainable source of revenue for your business. Some businesses even work on the same principle, i.e., simply getting the royalties from licensed patents, maybe in combination with registered trademark and design. Out of all the advantages of the patent registration, this is definitely the most productive one.

Enjoy Full Freedom Of Reform

The granted patent empowers the inventor ( you) to use the invention for any sort of purpose for a lawful timeline, i.e., twenty years in India. inside this duration or timeframe, any individual other than the inventor cannot simply make use of , sell or even modify the existing invention with the consent of the inventor. Also, the inventor has the exclusive right to simply take advantage of legal proceedings in case of any sort of dispute against the concerned parties.


To sum up, you must apply for trademark registration or patent registration if you haven’t done it already. After all, it is about your ideas and innovation to stay in your name!

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