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In India, most people often underrate the need to clean and lube motorbike chains. Even authorised motorcycle service facilities occasionally neglect to properly perform this critical maintenance operation. The reason the professionals in the field use the word “major” is that your motorcycle’s chain, which transmits power to the rear wheel, can perform much worse if it is dry or dirty.

The good news is that you can do it yourself, provided you don’t mind getting your hands a little messy.

The chain on a bike is among its most essential parts. The chain can withstand enormous acceleration and deceleration forces. The chain likely experiences more wear and tear during everyday riding than any other engine part. The chain ages quickly without care due to exposure to the elements. You must ideally clean and lube motorbike chains to enjoy a smooth performance.

Why Is It Vital to Clean and Lube Motorbike Chains?

Most current motorbikes lack a complete chain cover, leaving the chain exposed. Every time you bike, dirt, dust, and water may settle on your vehicle. You can improve your bike’s ride quality significantly by adequately cleaning and lubricating the chain, which will also lengthen the life of the chain and sprocket.

In this post, the experts will look at some easy measures that you can take to keep your bike running better and significantly reduce chain wear. 


There isn’t much you need for this: For this task, a chain lubricant can and cleanser will be sufficient, along with some cloth and a decent brush. Alternatively, for a moderate price, you also pick a combo package, including cleaning, lubrication, and a brush. 

You may consider some overalls or grubby clothing, and it’s a good idea to buy a pair of nitrile gloves and safety glasses because there may be some spatter that will be challenging to remove. Have some water available, ideally a hose; if not, a garden sprayer. you can also use paddock stand for bikes to keep it in a steady position. 

Set It Up!

To allow free movement of the rear wheel, lift your bike over a paddock stand or set it down on its centre stand. Then, grab your chain cleaner can and apply it by misting the chain’s link with it that is close to the rear sprocket. Use the three bristles on the brush to coat the side plates on either side and the rollers, and then scrape the dirt away. Once you’ve cleansed the entire chain, spin the wheel again and continue the process.

The Next Lap

To remove the remaining gunge, repeat the procedure, wiping it with a cloth after softly spraying the cleanser. Now is an excellent time to clean and lube motorbike chains from top to bottom, and when you’re doing it, make sure to thoroughly rinse the chain.

Clean Up

Once you clean and lube motorbike chains, you may rinse them with water. Then pat it dry with a fabric. Use the material to clean your rear wheel, which is sure to be dirty. Spray some chain cleaner on the material to remove tenacious chain lubricant overspray. Following cleaning the chain and wheel (or the entire bike), take a brief ride to shake off extra water and make the chain warmer and prepared for lubrication.

What You Need Is Lubrication

Reposition the bike on the stand, then mist the chain’s location gently and sprocket meet, pausing until the chain has gone one full rotation. Repeat once more while lightly misting the outside side plates, then repeat once more while covering the inner side plates.

Applying too much lubrication will cause it to collect dust and act as a grinding paste, leading to earlier wear and tear than necessary and defeating its purpose. The last task is to compare the chain’s tension to the manufacturer’s settings.

Checklist For Cleaning a Motorbike Chain:

Daily: A short spray of chain lubricant is necessary if you are staying in a coastal area or your motorbike is standing outside in the rain.

Weekly: There is no need to invest time if you have completed your commute for the week and have no intentions to travel beyond the city.


  • Complete chain sanitisation
  • Investigate the master link. A chain’s master link, which connects the two ends, has a distinctive appearance from the links surrounding it. Ensure that it is safe.
  • Check for sprocket and chain wear. You don’t want them to appear in this way.

Tidy Up and Go Riding

That’s it, then. Maintaining a motorbike chain is not too difficult. Consult your owner’s manual for information on how frequently you should clean and lube motorbike chains. Of course, if you’re riding in muddy or wet circumstances, it’s not a terrible idea to do it more frequently. Some riders will wipe the chain as soon as possible after a rainy ride to remove moisture before rust can begin to build.Call us at Carorbis if you have any further questions about how you should clean and lube motorbike chains. We would be pleased to assist you with this or any other motorbike-related inquiries you may have. Also, check our extensive range of motorbike accessories.

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