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The Qalandars High Performance Centre (HPC) is more than just a training facility for cricket players. It is a far-sighted academy that is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of athletes in Pakistan. And preparing them for success at the highest level of professional sports. 

About QHPC 

From being a mild establishment for Lahore Qalandars at the beginning of Player Development Program all over Pakistan (involving around 200000 youngsters) to  seeing a rapid growth in a time span of just 3 years. More than 500000 have become involved in Qalandars PDP. Today Lahore Qalandars proudly presents one of the largest, best equipped, cricket High Performance centre in Pakistan. QHPC provides an opportunity to 100 million youngsters and athletes of Pakistan to join and show their talent at Qalandars HPC. Qalandars City is proud to take this crown as a strong proposition along with our housing initiative.

Apart from developing cricketing talent, the Qalandars HPC also focuses on promoting a culture of fitness and wellness among its players. The centre has a team of certified fitness trainers. Who work with players to develop customized fitness plans based on their individual needs and goals.

QHPC- The Game Changer

The Qalandars HPC is a game-changer for the sport of cricket in Pakistan. Qalandars City proudly takes the crown on its head of establishing the same standards of HPC in its housing initiative as well. It provides a much-needed platform for young players to showcase their skills, and prepares them for the challenges of professional cricket. With its world-class facilities and experienced staff, the centre is poised to become a leading institution for cricketing excellence in the region.

The HPC offers a comprehensive program that covers all aspects of athlete development, including technical skills, physical fitness, mental toughness, and tactical knowledge. The coaching staff consists of experienced professionals who have worked with some of the top athletes in the world, and who are committed to providing the best possible training and support to their students.

Strengths of Qalandars HPC

One of the key strengths of the Qalandars HPC is its focus on developing the whole athlete. While technical skills are certainly important, the HPC recognizes that success in sports requires much more than just technical ability. That’s why the centre places a strong emphasis on physical fitness and mental training, as well as tactical knowledge and strategic planning.

The HPC also recognizes that every athlete is unique, with their own strengths, weaknesses, and goals. That’s why the centre offers customized training plans that are tailored to the needs of each individual athlete. Whether an athlete is just starting out or is already a seasoned pro, the HPC has a program that can help them take their game to the next level.

At the heart of the Qalandars HPC is a deep commitment to the future of sports in Pakistan. The centre believes that by nurturing young talent today, it can help to build a stronger, more successful sports culture in the country tomorrow. By providing athletes with the tools and resources they need to succeed, the HPC is helping to create a generation of sportsmen and sportswomen who can compete at the highest level and bring pride to their country.

QHPC Facilities

The Qalandars High Performance centre (HPC) is a state-of-the-art training facility located in Lahore, Pakistan. The centre is equipped with a wide range of world-class facilities that are designed to help young cricketers develop their skills and reach their full potential. Some of the key facilities available at the Qalandars HPC include:

●     Astro Pitches:

The centre has multiple astro pitches, which are synthetic surfaces that are designed to simulate the bounce and pace of a real cricket pitch. These pitches are ideal for practicing batting, bowling, and fielding skills. And provide a consistent playing surface that can be used year-round.

●     Turf Pitches:

The Qalandars HPC also has multiple turf pitches, which are natural grass surfaces that are commonly used in professional cricket. These pitches provide a more realistic playing experience than astro pitches. And are ideal for practicing before playing on real cricket grounds.

●     Speed Guns:

The centre has a range of speed guns. Which are devices that measure the speed of a cricket ball as it is bowled. This is an important tool for both bowlers and batsmen. As it allows them to track their progress and make adjustments to their technique as needed.

●     Full Size Oval Cricket Ground:

The Qalandars HPC also has a full-size oval cricket ground. Which is an outdoor playing surface that is similar to those used in professional cricket. This ground provides young cricketers with the opportunity to practice their skills in a realistic and challenging environment.

●     Dressing Room:

The centre also has a dressing room. Which is a dedicated space for players to prepare for games and practice sessions. The dressing room is equipped with all the necessary amenities, including lockers, showers, and changing areas.

●     Bowling and Fielding Machines:

The Qalandars HPC also has a range of bowling and fielding machines. Which are automated devices that can simulate the bowling and fielding actions of real players. These machines are an excellent tool for improving batting, bowling, and fielding skills. And can help young cricketers develop their technique and accuracy.

●     Gymnasium:

The centre has a fully equipped gymnasium, which is a dedicated space for players to work on their fitness and strength. The gym is equipped with a range of cardiovascular and strength training equipment. As well as free weights and resistance machines.

Qalandars City’s HPC Syllabus

The QHPC has a carefully articulated syllabus with a strong foundation and standing. The main subject areas covered include:

  • Life Skill Pathway
  • Physical Fitness & Conditioning
  • Nutrition Sense
  • Injury Management
  • Character Building
  • Specialized lectures by icon players
  • Planning & Setting Goals
  • Media Handling

Overall, the Qalandars High Performance centre is more than just a training facility. It is a visionary institution that is dedicated to developing the next generation of sports stars in Pakistan. Qalandars City is proud to be taking ahead of this initiative and establishing its own HPC too. With its world-class facilities, experienced coaching staff, and innovative approach to athlete development. The QHPC is poised to play a leading role in shaping the future of sports in the country.

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