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Hair extensions are a popular product that people buy to make their hair look better. If you own a business that sells hair extensions, you will know that the competition in the industry is much and it is important to stand out in front of this. When you design custom hair extension boxes effectively, they can protect the product. They may even be able to market it to the potential consumer base. However, some brands may have confusion on how to make packaging that is right. 

The following guide will help you get rid of your doubts concerning hair extension boxes:

Box must protect the hair extensions

When someone buys hair extensions, they will want the product to reach them in good-condition so that they can actually use it. The product should remain safe from heat, humidity, dirt, etc. You will need to place it in a box that will keep it safe.

Cardboard, corrugated cardboard, or Kraft hair extension packaging may be able to help you out. These boxes can protect this product and let its transportation and storage be easier as well. The client will be able to customize the box also making it be perfect. 

Shoppers wanting to buy hair extensions should notice packaging

If your packaging is not attracting the shoppers who are looking for the product, this will not be helpful to your business. You need to know the consumer base who buys your extensions so that the hair extension packaging boxes can stand out to them. When these people see the box, they may end up buying the product because they need it

If your consumers include ladies who will use the hair extensions for special occasions like their wedding, engagement, etc., the box must look professional and chic. The packaging design should convince these people that the hair extensions are of a good-quality. 

Increase brand awareness

The brands that do not take advantage of custom hair extension boxes to increase brand awareness will not be helping their company out. You must use the box to let shoppers know about your company and also about the different products that it sells. 

You can add a brand logo on packaging which will help out here. This must be the same logo that you include on all of your packaging. Also add the information of your company like its phone number, address, email address, etc. on the box. 

Details about hair extensions

You should state details about the hair extensions on hair extension boxes which will let people know about the hair extensions. Only when shoppers know about the hair extensions will they think about buying it. 

You can tell the color of the hair extensions, size, style, what they are made of, etc. It is important to only include the information that is important so that you do not confuse people. 

Include the details in a readable font and in words that are simple to understand. They should look interesting that people will want to read this. 

Select right colors and images

On hair extension packaging you should include colors and images which will make the box look outstanding. Color psychology will aid you in knowing which colors will be best to include on the box. You can select those that will give meaning to packaging. 

For example if you want to show your brand as a royal and expensive one, include the colors black and purple on packaging. 

Images can help the box look more beautiful but they should relate to the product. You can for instance include a picture of a lady with long beautiful hair extensions. Do not include any that do not connect to hair extensions as the box can then confuse people. 

Let people see the hair extensions

Window hair extension packaging boxes will let people see the hair extensions. They need to do this as it will convince them to buy the product. When shoppers see the product, their confidence will increase in wanting to buy it. Only when people see the hair extensions, will they think about buying them. When they see them they will clearly know the style and color of them. 

A window box is effective here as it has a transparent window and people will see the hair extensions. You can design the box in a way which connects with the hair extensions within. 

When a brand knows how to design custom hair extension boxes properly, the box will give a good impression of a brand. The box must be a strong one that will protect this product so that customers can get it in good condition. The packaging must also look attractive so that it can convince people to want to buy the hair extensions. It should be the right size and shape. 

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