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The most recent report says that workers in 73% of all departments can work from home. Even though COVID-19 sped up the move toward remote work, 44% of companies still need to adopt the trend.

Businesses that don’t hire remote developers and software teams are behind the times and need to catch up on several benefits. Not hiring remote teams can make you less competitive in the long run if you own a business.

Read on to find out the main pros of hiring remote development teams.

More options for talent

Hiring people who work from home is a good idea because it lets you find people with more skills. You don’t have to choose people based on where they live. You can include people from all over the country or even the world to search the talent for your project. If you let developers work remotely, your pay packages will become much more competitive and attractive to people who want to work for you.

Reduce office costs.

From a balance sheet point of view, one of the best things about hiring a remote team is that it cuts down on office overhead costs. Estimates show that each half-time worker who works from home saves their employer about $11,000 annually.

Here are a few ways that businesses can save money by hiring remote teams

• Rent and utilities: Having fewer offices or none can cut rent and utility costs.

  • Food: Less money will be spent on food and drinks if fewer people work on-site.

• Taxes: Property taxes are less for offices with less space.

• Equipment: Your business can save on office furniture, decorations, internet, bills, and maintenance.

More work done.

Many companies don’t hire remote workers because they want to be more productive. They think employees won’t work as hard if no one sees them at their desks. The truth, though, is very different.

In one study, remote and hybrid workers were 40% more productive than office workers. People in charge of their schedules were also 29% more productive.

Happier employees are more interested in their jobs.

Employees who work from home are not only more productive, but they are also more likely to be happy and interested in their work. The research showed that 69% of millennials would give up work benefits in exchange for a more flexible workplace. Also, 74% of workers say they are less likely to leave their current job if they can work from home.

Why do people like working from home so much?

 Here are a few reasons why

• Fewer distractions and problems at work.

• More comfort at home.

• Better balance work and other things, like picking up their kids from school.

• Introverted workers have more energy to focus on their tasks when they don’t have to talk to other people.

Hire the remote development teams easily with Aspired

Hiring freelancers and people who work from home can be a lot of work. So, professional businesses have to spend days looking for great people on freelancer job boards. You don’t have to waste all that valuable time, though. Aspired is an outsourcing technical service provider that can help you find and hire the best remote development teams so you can start getting the benefits.

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