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Dull skin symbolizes the unattractive of your skin. If you are searching for ways you could eliminate the dullness from your skin, then you are at the right place. This blog will help you know about the products that you can include in your skincare.

What is dull skin?

While standing in front of a mirror, did you notice a change in your skin complexion and texture? If yes, then you are struggling with skin dullness. Your skin lacks radiance and glow. Would you be satisfied with it or not? Of course, no one is satisfied if their appearance doesn’t appeal to them.

Usually, a lack of skincare plays a significant role in diminishing the natural glow. People often neglect exfoliation and cleansing. As a result, the dirt and other impurities start settling on the skin’s surface. It promotes the skin to appear dull.

The causes behind a dull skin

The following are the causes that can defy your skin glow.

· Clogged skin pores

Pores are the naturally present skin openings situated above the sebaceous glands. If the glands produce excess sebum, then it accumulates in the pores. Moreover, impurities mix with the sebum and clog the pores. Hence, it impacts your skin tone and texture as well. 

· Dead skin cells accumulation

Your skin naturally undergoes a process where it sheds off the dead skin cells and replaces them with new ones. However, if you physically don’t remove the dead cells from the skin, it remains persistent on the skin. Hence, promotes your skin to become dull. 

· Skin ageing

Every skin undergoes the ageing process. Young skin always appears hydrating and glowing. However, when ageing starts, the common indications you see are wrinkles, dullness, and sagginess. 

· Insufficient sleep

Skin dullness strongly associates with the sleep cycle. If you don’t sleep enough, it suppresses the skin’s radiance. 

· Dehydration

When you don’t take sufficient water, it reflects your skin’s appearance. The lack of water will result causing your skin to become super dry and dull. Also, your skin loses its freshness. 

· Sun exposure

Prolonged sun exposure will eventually show up on your skin. The UV rays cause your skin complexion to become dull and dark. Similarly, it breaks the bonds of collagen in the skin. 

To treat skin dullness, use the Belle Cote Paris skin regimen. 

How to treat dull skin?

Dullness on the skin is no less than a challenge to deal with. You might want perfectly glowing and radiant skin, but how? You have to improve the skin using a skincare regimen. Also, changing your lifestyle would result in better skin tone and texture.  

· Choice of suitable products

If you are new to the skincare world, selecting suitable products would be challenging. So, choose according to your skin type and skin concern. The two factors will help you in reaching the right ingredients. Belle Cote Paris offers a wide range of products that enhance your natural glow. 

· Exfoliation

The initial step towards dull skin treatment involves exfoliation. A good exfoliator will effectively remove the accumulation of dead skin cells from the skin. Then, it also eliminates the impurities settled on the skin. Eventually, you get fresh and glowing skin. 

· Cleansing

You have to use a cleanser one day after another or daily for your skin. The marine collagen anti-ageing cleanser has a soothing effect on your skin. It promotes hydration on your skin and removes the dull and dry features of the skin. 

· Anti-oxidants

Vitamin C-3 serum is a magical product that fades off unwanted pigmentation, scars, and blemishes from the skin. It leaves behind clear and bright skin. 

· Toner

A toner helps to tone up your skin. Also, it gives your skin a rejuvenating effect. Your skin appears bright and hydrated as it boosts the hydration on the skin. 

· Sunscreen

Sunscreen protects the skin from the attack of harmful UV rays. Hence, it helps revitalize your skin. 

· Moisturizer

A good moisturizer is vital to restoring moisture loss in the skin. Try to use a lightweight moisturizer like the day light moisturizer by the Belle Cote Paris brand. 

· Erase the makeup from the skin

If you have a habit of applying makeup, then before going to bed, erase it using a toner or makeup remover. It will prevent your skin pores from getting clogged with makeup residues. 


You can treat your dull skin with several skincare products. However, when you start following a routine to apply the products, show consistency. All of the products act differently in improving your complexion.

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