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The Shade curtain is one of the popular and practical curtain models, favored by the public in recent years due to its variety of designs such as three-dimensional shade curtains and various dimensions, as well as its ease of use and good features. This curtain is called a double roll curtain or night and day curtain.

The shade curtain of net and fabric, and its structure that the fabric and net placed side in parallel and stripes. This is the most important feature of this curtain. In fact, this feature has made it possible for people to control the amount of light entering the environment. In the future, we will be with you with more explanations and various models of 2022 shade curtains…

1. Light-effect shade curtains

Light-effect shade curtains light-hued shades show off the slats of the blinds. Because of the feel of the shade, you place the shade curtain in front of the window even before the shade curtains delivered. Your shade curtains delivered separately.

If you want to put your shade curtains in front of the windows, the design positioned on the side of the window or on the bottom of the window. The color of the curtains is suppos to imitate the view from the outside. If you use the shade curtains correctly, you can bring the extra volume in your room and brighten it up.

How to choose shade curtains for large windows?

If you have the need to place shade curtains behind window frames, it is a bit complicated. First of all, you should choose the right curtain frame, and you should put it on the best way.

When placing shade curtains, you should put them in the appropriate place. For example, if you want to put shade curtains in the center of a window, it is not a good idea. The issue is that if you put shade curtains in the center of a window, it will appear as if the windows will closed. The shade curtains will be able to fly out of the window as you open the window. If you want to close the shade curtains, you should always put them on the bottom.

Another issue is the color and pattern of shade curtains. If you need to decorate your room and want to make your room more colorful and less boring, it is a good idea to go for a light-effect shade curtain. You can combine your room accessories such as a lantern, a mirror, and the curtains to add more flair.

Also, you can choose the shape and dimensions of the shade curtains. Shade curtains usually made of different size rods, and these should match with the window. For example, if you have a rectangle window, you can have one curtain made of 50cm-75cm-each rods and another curtain made of 25cm-60cm-each rod. For a rectangular window, you can have one curtain made of 80cm-85cm-each rod, and another curtain made of 25cm-35cm-each rod. Shade curtains installed in 30min to 30 minutes. If you choose a 45cm-50cm-wide rod, you will need to do it in just one hour. Shade curtains are very simple to install, and you can take it out just in one hour.

2. Shade curtain blinds

Shade curtains are also one of the popular and practical blinds designs. As you see, they very light-hued and not very decorative. For the most part, they match well with the wall, so you can place your shade curtains on the top of a window. The fabric also has a similar shade. This makes the blinds look brighter.

3. Serafina Shade Curtain

Serafina shade curtains made of thin rods that are similar to the shade curtain frame. However, these curtain rods made from heavy duty steel. The rod closed and raised up in one-hour. The color of the shade curtain curtain is similar to the lampshades. As the name implies, this shade is dark.

4. Electric Shade Curtain

Electric shade curtains heavy-duty curtains made of steel rods. These curtains provide an instant, brightening up effect to any room. The high-quality steel rod rods make the curtains strong and durable. The rods closed and raised up in one hour.

5. Box Shaded Window Shade

Box shaded window shades are actually shadow curtains. They are made of thin metal rod that is similar to the shade curtain frame. As the name implies, these curtain are thin and light-hued. The curtains have matching seams with the shade curtain that frames the window. The curtain fabric is light-hued as well. You can have the curtain blinds installed in 1 to 4 hours. The curtains are usually installed on the top of a window or on the bottom of the window.Shade curtain is one of the popular and practical curtain models

6. PVC Shade Curtains

PVC shade curtains are made of vinyl fabric. They can be closed and raised up in one hour. The fabric is lightweight and will not damage the window frame. The fabric is intended to be used as blinds, but you can use them as curtain or shades. They come with an iron to close the blinds and make them more durable. PVC shade curtains will not fade, fade, or discolour. If you need a plastic shade curtain, go for the PVC shade curtains.

7. PVC Shades

PVC shade curtains are actually fully transparent curtains. They are made of vinyl fabric. The opaque fabric is translucent at the bottom, and translucent at the top. The PVC curtains are very lightweight

Shade curtain price per meter

The cost to buy this type of curtain depends on the type of fabric and its engine. The price of a double shade, the price of a kitchen shade curtain, the price of a roll shade curtain, etc. is calculated based on square meters. And its exact price is calculated and announced after choosing the material, engine, color, etc.

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