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When you see the blank WordPress admin panel in the dashboard. This can be for a variety of reasons, but fortunately, there are several easy fixes that you can try to get your admin panel back over and running. since you can not pierce our dashboard to do this, you have to disable your theme manually by using the cPanel train director or an FTP customer. A blank panel generally happens suddenly and may leave you smelling your fritters trying to find out why a runner that always gave you the power to control your point, has suddenly decided to display nothing at each, And in some cases, the left menu may be displayed, but that’s about it.

What reason for a blank WordPress Admin Panel?

Although it can take quite some effort to pinpoint the cause of the blank WordPress admin panel. It almost always means an error in WordPress code. you can also trace this error through the plugin or theme you recently installed. So if you made any very recent changes to your site, those are quite possibly the reason why your wp-admin is blank. A blank WordPress admin panel could also be the result of other issues, such as running out of allocated memory, or problems with your web host.

How to fix a blank WordPress Admin Panel?

Check if your host is having any problem

You should first check with your host to see if they’re having problems, or are getting analogous complaints from other users. However, you can choose to stay for the problem to be resolved, or better yet, If that’s the case.

still, we recommend you use WP Engine managed hosting service. If you decide to switch. This service is robust and dependable and will help you avoid security issues, data loss, or other problems that could make wp-admin blank.

Disable active themes 

In many cases. You can’t resolve the error code issue in the active theme. Since you cannot access your dashboard to do this, you have to disable your theme manually by using an FTP code. First, we, access your WordPress site by using FTP. You would need your cPanel login details to do this, and you may ask your host for these details if you don’t have them.

After penetrating your point, FileZilla will display your point lines and flyers on the nethermost right. detect the brochure containing your WordPress blog and double-click it. If your blog is in your main sphere(e.g. blog link is, this brochure should be “public html ”. If it’s in a subdomain(, also you should see a brochure named after the subdomain. then try accessing your admin panel. However, also there was a problem with your theme If it displays rightly. In that case, you may want to cancel the theme and reinstall a lately downloaded copy. However, if the problem persists, you can communicate with your theme provider or change to another theme.

Disable Plugins To Solve Black WordPress Admin panel

If WP-admin is still not working after disabling your active theme, your next step should be to disable all your plugins to see if a plugin is responsible. Then access your files using FTP (FileZilla) and your cPanel details. Ask your host for your cPanel details if you do not have them.

When we connected to our server. Firevilla will display the cPanel in the dashboard and locate the file that contains the WordPress blog posts.

Remove empty lines and PHP closing tag (?>) from the wp-config file

A good number of WordPress users have reported that an empty line at the bottom of their wp-config file resulted in their WordPress admin panel going blank.

Also, ending the wp-config file with the php closing tag “?>” may cause a similar issue. This action may prompt PHP to send output to the browser prematurely.

To check if any of these are causing your blank wp-admin panel, access your files using Filezilla FTP, and your cPanel login details.

You would be able to see your site folders on the bottom right in FileZilla. Double-click the folder containing your WordPress files to open it. This folder is usually public_html.

Enable Debug Mode To Fix Blank WordPress Admin Panel

When Debug Mode is enabled, errors preventing WordPress from working normally are displayed onscreen. Because you would not want your readers and customers to see such code errors, this option is disabled by default.

However, these errors can be very helpful when trying to understand why wp-admin is not working.

How to enable Debug mode 

When we add a navigation panel to the WordPress website there is a debug enable option available to scan the entire folder and search the wp-config file in WordPress .to manage the file in the plugin option to deactivate all plugins and create a content folder in the admin menu

To prevent your WordPress admin panel from going blank in the future, make sure to keep your plugins, themes, and WordPress core up-to-date, regularly back up your website, and avoid making changes to your website’s code without proper knowledge or backup.


If you are currently dealing with a blank WordPress admin panel, the steps covered in this guide should help you resolve it.

Also, whenever you encounter this issue, the first things you should think about are the latest updates you made to your site. Undoing these may resolve your issue.

If your wp-admin is still not working after going through all these steps, we understand how frustrating that must be. At this point, it is best to have it looked at by a professional. You can request our service and one of our WordPress experts will get in touch with you to resolve your issue.

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