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Today in this publication, we will talk about how to open a taxi from scratch. Here we will tell you what you need and how to do everything correctly. If you don’t know what business to start in your city, we will organize your Taxi In Tunbridge Wells service. Although the competition in this stock market is quite high, you have to try, but it is worth it. If you are well organized and efficient, you will have a chance to become a leader.

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Useful information

Taxi as a business is a serious matter. The essence of this business is to create a dispatch service, through which taxi drivers perform the work of private employees. This means that through advertising and centralization, the administration takes the business to a new level. That made it cheaper not only for the drivers but also for themselves.

For advertisements, it is putting up posters in railway stations and airports. Print business cards will help you with your taxi. Even for direct advertising business, we recommend that you advertise your services on radio, television, newspaper, and internet.

If you do not know, opens a taxi from scratch, you must first take care of the correct advertising and other nuances. If you do the right ad, you won’t be waiting for calls with orders for your services. Naturally, all calls will go to the dispatch service, where drivers will transfer orders. Every driver who took the order has to pay it. The order price is a percentage of the total order cost or a fixed amount.

Requirements for the room

One of the criteria for a good growth in the popularity of the Tunbridge Wells Taxi is communication, so communication is all seriously necessary to choose from the appropriate premises.

Sustainable GSM communication cellular operators for whose services you refer.

  • Acquisition of additional energy sources. This will ensure continuous power supply, you will protect yourself from short electrical watches, and the power supply in the office will be reliable.
  • High-quality Internet channel at 512 Mbit / s without restrictions on traffic. It is better to install a pair of channels from different suppliers and ideally.
  • In the provider’s IP phone office. That is, a provider that can go to office phones on modern VOIP protocols (SIP or H.323 protocols).

Telephone communication

Here are step-by-step instructions to deal with this issue. The easiest option is to organize four or five traditional analog telephone lines in the absence of IP telephone providers. But we recommend, so to speak, the perfect option – IP telephony. In general, find out which IP phone providers are available in your city.

Personal computers

To get started, you have to buy three modern PCs. At the same time, two of them will serve as a dispatcher’s workplace, and one as a server. Be sure to install a special dispatch program that allows you to:

  • Write all orders
  • Decide on automatic travel mode,
  • Accurate calculation with drivers, operators and dispatchers,
  • Provides communication with drivers.
  • A special program is also required for peripherals. It is installed on a taxi driver’s phone and is equipped with a conversation recording system. A special computer headset is used on the dispatcher phone.

Wadhurst Airport Taxi drivers

Don’t forget the driver who contracted with the dispatch service works, first, on himself. Therefore, his illiterate work and poor attitude towards customers shows that you are the first passengers, as prospective passengers ask for your phone number in the departure service. So we take finding and selecting Wadhurst Airport Taxi drivers very seriously.

Dispatch of service workers

To the employees of the dispatch service, all seriousness is also worth approaching. It is better to give preference to departure with experience. Your taxi service should have a good dispatch:

  • Clever speech
  • A friendly and pleasant voice,
  • Good knowledge of your city.

Acquiring a beautiful and memorable room does not need to be bought. Remember to add its acquisition cost. One of the most clever advertisements is considered to be colorful leaflets with information in residential buildings (at entrances and elevators). At the same time, advertising posters should be colorful and medium in size.

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