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The cricket ball is an essential part of the game. It must be in perfect condition to be used during a match. It must be polished and dried after each use to avoid mud and other particles from getting on it. In addition to polishing, the cricket balls must be free of any external substance that can make them lose their elasticity and bounce. The balls are manufactured in various colours, with the traditional red ball replacing white, pink and night time cricket. During a match, all the balls must have the same weight and circumference to ensure fair play.

The cricket ball’s weight and shape are important to a bowler’s air movement. For this reason, the laws governing cricket balls are very strict. An umpire will check the cricket ball frequently throughout the game. If the ball is too old, it will be replaced by a similar one. Similarly, if a ball has lasted 30 overs, it will be replaced with a new one. The cricket ball must not be picked up or lifted.

Other facts about cricket ball

There are a few other specifications for the cricket ball, too. Its weight is important as it dictates the speed of the ball’s flight. The men’s cricket ball is 5.5 ounces, or 163 grams. Its height is 8 13/16 inches. The youth and women’s cricket balls are 4.5 to 5 ounces. They are also slightly different in size, but have the same dimensions. The weight and size are important for playing the game.

  • The cricket ball is made from cork. It is woven with leather and string around the cork core. While the construction is simple, the manufacturing process is very intricate. During pitching, the ball may have a raised seam, causing it to deviate. The elevated seam deviate the path of the ball. This is a feature of the cricket ball, and can make the game more exciting. This property of the cricket is crucial for bowlers, so it’s essential to understand its specifications before purchasing a new cricket.
  • The cricket ball can be made of different materials. The hide is a popular choice. It is made of several layers. It is usually covered with a leather case. The outer layer of the cricket ball is covered with leather. It has a seam that is visible. In addition to the cover, it is also composed of various layers. Among these, the equator is sewn with a string on the outer surface.

Bottom line

The cricket ball is made with a cork core and layered with a leather case. A top-quality cricket ball has six rows of stitching. Its hemisphere is rotated 90 degrees and has a leather case with a rounded edge. The top-quality cricket ball has an internal seam, which is an important aspect of the game. Its shape allows the bat to pierce the wicket and provide the bat with a perfect catch.

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