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The Haze and Kites is opulent resort in Munnar, a well-known hill resort in India’s Western Ghats. Its breathtaking setting, sophisticated design, and top-notch amenities make it one of Munnar’s greatest resorts for couples.

The resort offers a stunning view of the valley and the hills because it is surrounded by foggy mountains and tea plantations. While staying at Haze and kites, couples can take in the tranquilly and quiet of nature.

The Haze and Kites hotel offers spacious, well decorated rooms with all the contemporary conveniences couples require for a relaxing stay. Couples can enjoy soothing massages and treatments at the resort’s spa and wellness center, which makes it the ideal location for rest and relaxation. 

In addition, Haze and Kites has a fantastic restaurant with a wide selection of international cuisine. Couples can enjoy a romantic candlelit meal while taking in the breathtaking sights.

Couples can enjoy a variety of activities at the resort, including hiking, nature walks, and sightseeing trips. Couples can visit the nearby tea plantations and hills to further enhance their experience while staying at Haze and Kites.

In general, Haze and Kites is the ideal resort in Munnar for lovers seeking a holiday in Munnar. It is the best option for a special vacation because of its tranquil setting, opulent lodgings, first-rate amenities, and exciting activities.

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