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Not sure what airsoft gun is best for you as a starter platform? Don’t throw your money away on an airsoft mystery box (even if you’re confident it comes with a good one).

Get a quality AEG from Arcturus Airsoft. They offer a wide range of different models like the X-C.A.T. AR-15 replica, PPK20, MK-1 CQB Sport, and Karambit, each of which offers different features and specifications but all of which unequivocally make excellent options for a beginner getting into the world of airsoft events.

With that said, here are a few of the top features and aspects of these AEGs that make them ideal for competitive play and which deliver uncommon performance.

Durable Construction

The majority of Arcturus Airsoft AEGs are built with either steel or lightweight polymer construction. Light yet tough nylon polymer and metal receivers are common, and most are made with CNC machined inner components as well.


Pretty much all Arcturus Airsoft AEGs are rife with rail systems, even their AK-inspired platforms, like the AK12, which not only has a length of Pic rail over the receiver, but side rails and rail under the barrel as well.


If you can’t get a proper length of pull with your AEG, it’ll be hard to wield it effectively in competition. Most of their AEGs have adjustable stocks and many are adjustable in other ways, too.

Out of the Box Power and Upgradeability

Many Arcturus AEG rifles feature powerful, high-torque motors, with neodymium magnets, pre-installed, along with all-metal gearboxes. Most are made with easily upgradeable gearboxes as well.

Quick-Change Spring Systems

If you want to upgrade your AEG’s power without completely replacing or dismantling the gearbox, good news. Many Arcturus AEGs feature quick-change spring systems, so you can upgrade power easily without the headache of tinkering.

Programmable MOSFETs Pre-Installed

In an airsoft gun, a metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor, also known as a MOSFET, is a device that enables your AEG’s trigger to bypass the battery, protecting it from high-voltage. They not only protect your trigger contacts, but improve trigger response and can improve rate of fire. Some are even programmable. Many Arcturus Airsoft guns have MOSFETs pre-installed.

QPQ Processed Inner Barrels

Many Arcturus Airsoft guns feature QPQ-processed inner barrels. This is a special process (quench-polish-quench) of finishing metal surfaces which results in a very smooth, very corrosion-resistant finish, which is ideal for the inner barrel of an airsoft gun as it can boost speed and potentially even improve accuracy.

They Also Make High-Quality Airsoft AK47 AEGs

If you’re a fan of airsoft AK47 replicas, Arcturus is a name to check out. They produce an interesting lineup of different AK-inspired replicas, such as their AK12 and AK74U – definitely worth a look if you’re into those sorts of replicas.

Get the Best Prices on Arcturus Airsoft Guns Guaranteed

This short post just scratches the surface on some of the reasons that Arcturus Airsoft guns are deserving of the hype that surrounds them.

Whether you’re looking at one of these or a competitor’s models, get it online at MiR Tactical. They offer a price match guarantee on all their airsoft guns and gear, with no fine print or special code required.

And, they sell airsoft mystery boxes if that’s your sort of thing, too. Either way you get excellent prices.

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