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Addiction is referred to as a family disease by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence. According to research using evidence-based practices, the behavioral treatment that includes family therapy is more effective than behavioral treatment without it. Behavioral treatment with family therapy can also lower relapse rates, improve medication adherence, lessen psychiatric symptoms, and reduce stress when combined with individual treatment.

Over the past few decades, family dynamics have undergone a significant change that impacts how we view life, the actions we take, and the roles we play. A family unit might evolve in various ways, yet family therapy is still valuable.

Thermal yoga and mindfulness

Addiction can be a challenging topic to understand for those who haven’t gone through it. Addiction is a problem that doesn’t have a simple cure because it is shrouded in stigma and misinformation—however, mounting research points to yoga and mindfulness as potentially affordable and helpful components of healing. Every addict will experience some psychological addiction, and every attempt to stop using will have adverse psychological effects. Anxiety, exhaustion, insomnia, stress, and despair are a few negative effects of emotional withdrawal.

Rehab centre in Mumbai can help those suffering from these symptoms by reducing their stress level. Instead of offering an escape, yoga is an alternative, a healthy technique to create a shift in consciousness that gives people the power to enter a tranquil, restorative inner state that unifies the mind, body, soul, and Spirit.

Art therapy

One of the numerous techniques employ at rehab centre to treat addiction and rehabilitation is art therapy. The creative process is the main focus of art therapy as a means of healing. The use of art therapy has several benefits.Patients benefit from art therapy in many ways, including improved self-esteem, stress management, addiction management, relief from anxiety and depression symptoms, and coping with recovery.In addition, art enables a person to express thoughts, feelings, and concerns in a way that enables them to communicate non-verbally. We aim to include the expressive arts in our therapy, whether it be through visual arts, music, poetry, or drama.

Mental health therapy

A wide range of therapies are included in psychotherapy and coordinated by skilled therapists to benefit their patients.Mental therapy is just one of the many methods we use at our facility to treat addiction and facilitate recovery.

Physical exercise

Physical therapists serve patients with discomfort or trouble moving, functioning, or regularly going about their daily lives.Physical therapy is frequently used to manage chronic illnesses like heart disease or arthritis, relieve pain, improve movement, provide rehabilitation after a stroke, injury, or surgery, aid in recovery following childbirth, help with the recovery from sports-related injuries, teach people how to use aids like walkers and canes, and more.If your Rehab centre in Mumbai doctor suggests physical therapy, a therapist will evaluate your mobility, balance, heart rate, posture, and how well you can walk or climb stairs. Your therapist will next create a strategy to reduce your symptoms and aid in your return to normal functionality or movement.

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