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Alternatively, interior design of small houses has received considerable attention since a few years back. Space is increasingly cramped as urbanisation grows and indoor venues become compact; Therefore, the social requirement for contemporary innovation which is functional and efficient is never greater than today. In this blog you will examine some practical and beautiful small house interior design tips to put to use in your own life.

Multi-Functional Furniture

In a large house, every square meter counts. Yet in small homes, this is especially true: you must maximize the use of space wherever possible. One of the most effective methods for doing that is to be found in your furniture. You can convert these versatile units to meet multiple needs at a stroke-from sofa beds at night to extendable dining tables that save on closet storage and look perfectly at home (as in any type of wood) light yet cozy daytime living-room setting.

For example, a coffee table with its own built-in storage can be used to hold small items like magazines, reference books and remote controls. Or when the sun’s up fold that murphy bed away neatly just where it fits against the wall as if there were no hint of such things from any angle you’d see whilst looking around yourself–and you’ll have one more room to breathe under your feet all day long.

Opt for light color

The dark color recedes from the source of light and makes a room small and constricted to an extent. To free up more space, one should consider painting small rooms in light and airy color such as white, cream or pastel colors. Instead, they will make rooms appear more luminous and spacious, since the particles reflected light in this manner. Carpets, curtains and cushions can also introduce color into the room, but take care not to overdo it: excessive use of colors contributes to the perception of clutteriness and the overall feeling of congestion within a room.

Utilize Vertical Space

When Your Floor Space Is Small – Look Up. For your small house, making use of that vertical space is an incredibly clever way to add storage and character. Install floating shelves, wall cabinets, or a floor-to-ceiling bookcase to take advantage of your walls as well as create space in the building’s interior.

You can use vertical space to set off different not only does this create focal points for interest around the room, it is also a way of giving your in the air feel. For instance in a small living room, you might use a large piece of artwork that hangs over one of the highest points. This not only draws people ‘s eyes upward but also makes them feel tall and powerful.

Let in Natural Light

Based on studies, natural light is the key to any small living space. If that is not enough it also simply opens up the room and gives you numerous health benefits throughout the process too. To improve light control inside a house, the windows must be cleaned regularly and the window treatments should have sheer fabrics. Let’s not also forgot about mirrors strategically placed to assist in the reflecting of light in the room.

Should you have less space in the room & a correspondingly smaller window, then try painting the wall that surrounds your window a light color. You might also build a window seat or daybed, or use artificial light to give the impression of space and brightness. A floor lamp with a diffuser can be used for instance which gives off a soft ambient illumination. To maximize light output, clear the path of any obstructions like lamps or plants so as to let more natural sunlight reach any long semidark corners.

Seek Expert Help from Small Architecture Firms in Dubai

While do-it-yourself design projects can be fun and rewarding, when it comes to small living spaces the best bet may just be to leave things up to professionals. In Dubai, there are several small architecture firms that specialize in practical and efficient design solutions for compact or miniature living areas. These firms have the know-how and experience to help you turn your small house into a stylish refuge.

The small architecture firms in dubai offer a range of services, from space planning, furniture selection and decorative lighting design to color consultation. They will also help you on your way through local building codes and municipal regulations, which is especially important if you’re planning a renovation or new construction.

Make Good Use of Storage Solutions

Clutter means that a small living space feel even more oppressive and overcrowded. Even small apartment interiors need the presence of smart storage solutions in order to remain uncluttered and orderly. Innumerable schemes keep your belongings neat and out of sight, from under-the-bed storage to concealed kitchen cupboards.

In addition, storage solutions can be used to establish an aura of order and calm. For instance, a series of baskets or containers in the same style may be used to create an integrated appearance, while it is possible to keep everything in its proper place by using an organization system with labels.

Keep It Minimal

Less is more as far as small interior design goes. A minimalist approach can help you maintain an atmosphere of quiet and control in your space. Work with a limited palette of colors, rather than a large and diverse one. Buy only a few, but big-ticket, items for your decor; show your good property of taste by keeping it tidy and succinct.

You can also use the principle of minimalism to create a sense of spaciousness. For instance, a single piece of furniture such as an upholstered daybed or a chaise longue may open up a space and let it flow.


Designing a tiny living space can be quite a challenge, but one which makes sense. With a bit of creativity, some expert help from small architecture firms in Dubai and clever use of shelves for storage, you will change your small house into your own little paradise. Don’t forget, you don’t have to be one of the most famous architects in order to have a beautiful and efficient living space.

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