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Considering the significance of the TOEFL exam for students who wish to study abroad, it can be difficult for them to take the test. From a student’s perspective, most students need help understanding the documents required to register for the TOEFL exam. And some students need help to familiarise themselves with the registration process. Fortunately, this blog will guide first-timers with the knowledge for registering and preparing for the TOEFL exam. So, pour through this guide and help dispel your nerves. 

Understand the format 

Irrespective of how much proficiency you have in the subject of English, you still hold a certain percentage of getting thrown off by the test format. Therefore, you are suggested to invest a qualitative amount of time in understanding the test format of TOEFL. You can familiarise yourself with the test format by signing up with the official site TOEFL. So, sign up now, and research the information you need to familiarise yourself with the TOEFL test format. And after you log in to the website, you will know that there are two ways to take the test – the paper-based test and the Internet-based test. Although the latter is popular nowadays, you can go with the former option if you get nervous about giving online tests. 

Follow a study guide 

Studies have shown that students who follow study guides supplement their learning procedures. This is true for achieving better scores and also for preparing for tests. The TOEFL exam preparation online free guide is you best buddy when preparing for this exam. Study guides are like the map that stays inside your glovebox. When you drive your car, you can take out the guide from your car’s glovebox and refer to the guide to reach the destination. With a map, you know the exact route you need to take to reach your goal. And study guides work similarly. They guide you through the processes you must follow to ace any examination or course. Also, with the help of study guides, you can break your study plan into small chunks that are easy to remember. 

Create a routine 

Creating a routine immediately after deciding to sit for the TOEFL test can be a productive option. If you choose to prepare such a routine a few days before taking a test, you will be doing a blunder. Creating a routine will work much like a guide that you can follow to keep track of your regular progress. You need to have a routine well in advance – stick to it till the last day of preparation. When you have a routine, you can stay alarmed whether you completed the day’s study rather than procrastinating for uncountable hours. And with a routine in hand, you can ramp up your study process. And in the final week, you can lighten the schedule again, spending hours just tuning your skills. 

Read and speak in English 

Extensive speaking and reading hold a lot of advantages for students in learning and implementing the language of English. The benefits include gaining writing competence, aural and oral skills, increased motivation, empathy, and self-esteem. TOEFL pays special attention to students’ writing and speaking skills in English. And since not all of the TOEFL revision revolves around TOEFL specifics, you need to get groomed with the language of English. It would help if you exposed yourself to learning and polishing your English reading and writing skills. This will not just increase your confidence in front of the evaluator, but it will also make your grammatical sense on point. Therefore, you need to expose yourself to learning English to do a lot of passive learning. So start by reading novels and comic books, watching videos and movies in English, and even listening to songs in English. 

Practice speaking 

Speaking in a language is often the hardest task. It would help if you had a good grasp of the subject to express your thoughts in that language. The same is the thing with speaking in English. You need to understand that speaking in English is technically easy. However, you could get nervous speaking in English in front of someone or a group because your confidence could be higher. Also, we harbour a habit of thinking in our mother tongue, translating it into English, and then talking out our thought. This interrupts the fluency of speaking, especially for non-native speakers. However, regardless of one’s origin, every speaker makes mistakes. With that in mind, you need to start speaking in English more so that you sound more confident and comfortable while speaking in the language. You can also practice talking to yourself over the microphone or in front of the mirror.

In conclusion, 

So, now you have learned about the five major ways to excel in your TOEFL preparation days. All you need to do is follow these steps and ace the test. It would help if you learned today by shutting your procrastination inside a room. You need to start learning consciously and practice speaking from today. However, you can also get TOEFL exam preparation online free guide from overseas education consultants. Irrespective of the place you choose to study , you can get information about TOEFL preparation tips which will also provide you with SOP writing services. 

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