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How much you make throughout your career is determined not only by your education and experience but also by your personality type. According to research, persons who identify as “people people” have a better chance of landing lucrative jobs. 

If you typically gravitate towards others, you might want to seek a career where your interpersonal skills will come in helpful. All of these jobs demand you to communicate with people on a regular or daily basis. 

You probably have a more outgoing personality if you enjoy talking with people, attending events or other group activities, and prefer to discuss your ideas and thoughts with peers. Remember that extroversion is a continuum; most people fall somewhere between extrovert and introvert, embodying traits from both depending on the situation. If you tend to be more extroverted, keep reading this post to find out which jobs may be most suited to your personality type.

Common Traits of Great Extrovert Jobs

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What are the best occupations for extroverts? There are numerous careers that extroverted people may love, albeit some are more suited to them than others. While extroverts can succeed in any role, they often thrive in professions that need some of the following characteristics:

  • Social connections on a regular basis
  • Increased team size
  • Job duties and a dynamic work environment
  • Willingness to accept risks
  • Possibilities to collaborate with others
  • There are numerous prospects for advancement

What Qualities Should They Look for in a Job?

To feel your happiest and most productive self, if you identify as an extrovert, you’ll want to find a career (and company) that plays to who you are. The likelihood that a person will perform at a higher level and decide to stay in the role longer increases the more often they choose roles that complement their behavioural strengths.

An extrovert will typically have a significantly higher chance of long-term success and improved performance in a role that calls for activity, a lot of interaction with others, a place to express ideas, and freedom from boring or regular work.

Extroverts’ Best Jobs

Extroverts excel in certain vocations and fields. A profession in sales, for example, may not be the ideal fit if you are not a people person. Because of their capacity to converse comfortably with individuals they don’t know, extroverts often excel in occupations such as sales.

Extroverts are well-suited to almost any employment that demands them to interact with the public frequently. For instance, an extrovert would have truck driver jobs as they might find it difficult to enjoy driving alone for hours on the road, which is the opposite of an introvert. The following is a list of the best jobs for extroverts. 

Finally, whether you’re an extrovert, an introvert, or somewhere in the middle, get a job that you enjoy. Odds are, your natural personality will direct you towards the appropriate job.

1. Event Planner

A corporate or private organisation typically hires an event planner to organise and execute a major event, such as a wedding, banquet, or award ceremony. Their responsibilities include locating the greatest deals, understanding what their clients want, developing partnerships with vendors, and managing the event itself. This position is ideal for extroverts because event planners are often in the centre of a social scenario and are usually in charge of their schedules.

2. Public Affairs

Public relations is all about persuading and connecting with people through multiple channels. These public-facing workers contact the media, generate stories, interview people, and manage crisis situations.

3. Human Resources

Recruiters work in almost every industry, assisting recruiting teams in filling available jobs inside their organisations. Their responsibilities often involve researching, planning, and implementing successful recruiting and staffing strategies in order to attract a varied pool of qualified and skilled individuals for the firm. Recruiters are ideal occupations for extroverts since they are continuously reaching out and connecting with new individuals; recruiters must have good communication skills to achieve their objectives.

4. Education and Teaching

Although not all instructors are extroverts, being one can be advantageous. Instructors communicate with parents and students on a frequent basis. It is vital for both the student and the teacher to be able to motivate and establish relationships with students.

A job as an educator is varied, as there are numerous pathways one might pursue to become one. Extroverts love teaching because it requires public speaking, encouraging others, and everyday social engagement.

HR practitioners engage with people on a regular basis, which is where the “human” part comes into play. Human resource managers manage people, acting as a liaison between the firm and its employees. As a result, having exceptional people skills is essential for this position.

5. Management of Customer Service

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Customer service managers must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. In this position, you are responsible for dealing with public concerns as well as any difficulties that develop with your support personnel. You must cultivate positive relationships with customers, staff, and other management teams.

Customer service jobs are ideal for extroverted people since they often engage with the general population. Customer success representatives often provide support and help to clients, manage queries, solve problems, and create and maintain great client relationships.

6. Sales Managers 

Sales managers are in charge of employing sales teams and guiding them to achieve success. Sales managers are typically responsible for overseeing targets, researching market trends, generating leads, preparing reports, and defining goals, in addition to encouraging and managing team members. Working in sales might be one of the finest extrovert jobs because it requires regular interaction with others, excellent persuasive and communication skills, and a dynamic atmosphere and obligations.

7.  Flight Attendant Jobs

If you want to be a flight attendant, you should enjoy being around people because you’ll be among them for the majority of the day at 30,000 feet in the air. Being polite and upbeat, as well as having excellent communication skills, are all required attributes for this fascinating profession.

Extroverts that enjoy travelling, unexpected schedules, and meeting new people can enjoy working as flight attendants. Flight attendants make certain that passengers are safe, comfortable, and happy during their flight. This includes thorough safety training, understanding of food and beverages, familiarity with the aircraft, and excellent customer service skills. Flight attendants’ schedules are constantly changing, and they are frequently in various time zones, therefore this is not a career choice for extroverts!

8. Lawyer

Attorneys spend their days researching cases, advising and representing clients, analysing laws, presenting arguments in front of courts and juries, and other responsibilities. Becoming a good solicitor requires time, experience, and complete dedication, but it can be a rewarding and well-paying vocation for extroverts. This work is better suited for more sociable extroverts because many of their duties entail connecting with others, meeting new people, and public speaking.

For diverse reasons, the practice of law draws both introverts and extroverts, and both personality types can prosper in this field. Yet, extroverts have some advantages, especially if you want to work as a public defender, district attorney, or trial lawyer – all of which require you to constantly perform in the courtroom.

9. Worker in Social Services

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Social workers provide assistance and protection to children and families who are vulnerable due to poverty, violence, and other factors. Their responsibilities include managing cases, creating and sustaining connections with their clients, assisting in issue-solving, and advocating for the persons they safeguard. This is one of the best jobs for extroverts looking for a rewarding career. 

Patients, families, carers, and medical providers are all worked with by social workers and community health specialists. The ability to appraise circumstances and gather information efficiently is essential for this work; it also helps to have excellent people skills.

10. Healthcare Jobs

Healthcare careers require frequent, ongoing engagement with patients and other medical experts. It helps to have strong interpersonal and communication skills, especially when trying to elicit vital health information from patients. Healthcare workers must maintain a pleasant attitude and manner in difficult, complex situations.

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