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Whether embarking on a cross-country road trip, jetting off to an exotic locale, or embarking on a backpacking adventure, the right luggage can make all the difference. Reliable, durable, and stylish luggage not only protects your belongings but also enhances your travel experience.

As you prepare for your next adventure, let’s delve into the world of travel essentials and explore the 10 best luggage brands for every travel need in 2024:

10 Luggage Brands

1. Rimowa

Renowned for its sleek aluminum designs and exceptional craftsmanship, Rimowa stands as a timeless icon in the luggage industry. Their suitcases are crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and resistance to wear and tear. Rimowa’s innovative features, such as the multi-wheel system and TSA-approved locks, enhance ease of use and security.

2. Away

Away has captivated travelers with its modern aesthetics, functional designs, and thoughtful details. Their polycarbonate suitcases are lightweight yet resilient, while their smart features, such as built-in batteries and USB charging ports, cater to the needs of tech-savvy travelers. Away’s commitment to sustainability further enhances its appeal among eco-conscious consumers.

3. The North Face

For adventure seekers and outdoor enthusiasts, The North Face has established itself as a trusted brand. Their luggage collection encompasses durable backpacks, rolling suitcases, and duffel bags, all designed to withstand the rigors of travel. The North Face’s focus on functionality and performance makes it an ideal choice for active travelers.

4. Samsonite

With a rich heritage dating back to 1910, Samsonite has earned a reputation for its innovation and exceptional quality. Their luggage collection spans a wide range of styles and price points, ensuring there’s an option for every traveler. Samsonite’s emphasis on durability, organization, and security continues to attract discerning travelers.

5. Level8 Case

Level8 Case has emerged as a rising star in the luggage industry, captivating travelers with its innovative designs and commitment to sustainability. Their suitcases are crafted from recycled materials and feature sustainable practices throughout the manufacturing process. Level8 Case’s focus on innovation, sustainability, and style differentiates it from its competitors.

Top 10 Luggage Brands for Every Travel Need in 2024

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6. Patagonia

Committed to environmental responsibility and ethical practices, Patagonia has gained recognition for its sustainable luggage options. Their Black Hole Duffel bags are legendary for their durability and weather resistance, while their wheeled suitcases offer a versatile option for various travel needs. Patagonia’s dedication to sustainability resonates with eco-conscious travelers seeking high-performance luggage.

7. Tumi

Tumi has garnered acclaim for its sophisticated designs, premium materials, and meticulous attention to detail. Their luggage collection features sleek suitcases, backpacks, and briefcases, all crafted from luxurious materials like ballistic nylon and leather. Tumi’s focus on functionality, organization, and security appeals to business travelers and frequent flyers.

8. Longchamp

Longchamp has established itself as a leader in travel accessories, and their luggage collection reflects their expertise. Their Le Pliage suitcases are renowned for their lightweight foldable design, while their wheeled suitcases offer a luxurious option for discerning travelers. Longchamp’s emphasis on style and functionality has made it a popular choice among fashion-conscious travelers.

9. Calpak

Calpak has revolutionized luggage with its innovative designs and focus on travel essentials. Their suitcases are known for their lightweight and stylish aesthetics, while their accessories, such as packing cubes and toiletry bags, enhance organization and maximize packing space. Calpak’s appeal lies in its ability to blend style and functionality for modern travelers.

10. Herschel Supply Co.

Herschel Supply Co. has infused the luggage industry with a touch of vintage charm and casual cool. Their backpacks, duffel bags, and rolling suitcases are crafted from durable materials and feature classic designs that never go out of style. Herschel Supply Co.’s laid-back aesthetic appeals to travelers seeking a blend of style and practicality.

Considerations When Choosing Luggage

As you browse the diverse offerings of these top luggage brands, consider the following factors to select the ideal luggage for your travel needs:

  • Travel Style: Assess your primary travel style and choose luggage that aligns with your preferred mode of transportation, whether it’s air travel, road trips, or backpacking adventures.
  • Durability and Material: Evaluate the durability and construction of the luggage, considering the materials used and its ability to withstand the rigors of travel.
  • Size and Capacity: Choose luggage that accommodates your packing needs and aligns with airline size restrictions. Ensure it can comfortably hold your belongings without being overly bulky.
  • Features and Organization: Consider the features that enhance your travel experience, such as built-in chargers, TSA-approved locks, and organizational compartments.
  • Weight and Maneuverability: Assess the weight of the luggage, especially if you plan to carry it frequently. Consider the maneuverability of the luggage, ensuring it has smooth-rolling wheels and a comfortable handle.
  • Style and Aesthetics: Select luggage that aligns with your personal style and preferences. Consider the color, design, and overall aesthetic of the luggage to complement your travel style.


Embarking on a journey filled with new experiences and discoveries starts with selecting the right luggage. These top 10 luggage brands offer a diverse range of options to suit every travel need and style, ensuring your belongings are secure, organized, and transported in style. With careful consideration of your travel preferences and luggage features, you’ll find the perfect companion for your next adventure.

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