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The Taxi Yatri 12 Seater Tempo Traveller is an air-conditioned vehicle with a built-in LCD and music system. The seating capacity is 2 to 1. This means that there are two seats on one side and one seat on the other, and there is a way to travel between them. It can travel at about 80-100 kilometers per hour on the road. However, according to traffic regulations, tempo travelers cannot exceed 60-70 kilometers per hour. Therefore, if you are planning a tour, you can hire a 12-seater tempo traveler in Haridwar from us.

 Rose Garden, Chandigarh

You can also spend some time at the Zakir Hussain Rose Garden, which was built in 1967 and is named after the former president Zakir Hussain.

This garden is unique because it is the largest garden in all of Asia. It has 30 acres of green space, 50,000 rose bushes of approximately 1600 species, and in addition to roses, it has other plants and herbs like Harar, Behera, Bel, Camphor, and Yellow Gulmohar.

You can also attend the Rose Festival  visite this garden by Tempo Traveller in Chandigarh, which is held every February and March and has become ingrained in Chandigarh culture. At the festival, you can drink, eat local food, and compete in local contests. The specifics of the location and entry ticket are provided below.

 Mindrolling Monastery Dehradun

The Mindrolling Monastery, established in 1965, is home to the Ngagyur Nyingma College, which is one of India’s largest Buddhist educational institutions. Khochhen Rinpoche established the monastery, which is a reconstructed facility of the original Mindrolling Monastery. The well-kept gardens, a 60-meter-tall stupa, and various mural-decorated rooms house a variety of relics and a 35-meter-tall gold-plated statue of Lord Buddha.hire a tempo traveller on rent in dehradun

Kingdom of Dreams Gurgaon

One of the first places to go for entertainment and recreation in India is The Kingdom of Dreams. India is still a great place to go if you want to taste its diverse cuisines, crafts, and rich cultural heritage. Nautanki Mahal and Showshaa Theatre are two of the main attractions here where you can see amazing performances. One of the best shows at the Kingdom of Dreams is Zangoora, which you should definitely see. It is in Gurgaon, and you can easily get there by public transportation or even by taking a tempo traveller in Gurgaon. Although it is regarded as one of the best places to have fun in Gurugram, families, in particular, always rush through it.

Swarn Jayanti Park

In the Indirapuram neighborhood of Ghaziabad, you’ll find Swarn Jayanti Park. The Swarn Jayanti Park is easily accessible from all parts of Ghaziabad because it is only 12 kilometers away from the main city.

Swarn Jayanti Park, which is in the middle of a very busy city and has a lot of swings, is also known as a little paradise for kids because of all of the swings. This lovely park, which covers approximately 25 acres, is a popular picnic spot in the city and the surrounding areas If you need Tempo Traveller in Ghaziabad then reach us. A charming little semi-circular garden with low-height stone borders surrounded the entrance. A palm tree, the park’s name, hazy plants, and an exquisite stone building flank this garden on two sides. The musical fountain, which emits water of various hues in response to the music, is the first thing that draws people to the park. Only in the waning hours of the summer does the fountain come to life. In addition, guests at Swarn Jayanti Park can go boating in a small pool inside the park, which is very popular with visitors.

Statues of Rani Lakshmi Bai, Sarojini Naidu, Meera Ben, and other historical figures can be found in a section of the Swarn Jayanti park. All of the statues are surrounded by haze plants and placed on an elevated platform with a brief character description. In addition, the park has a café and tea and coffee kiosks, making it one of Ghaziabad’s best picnic spots. Swarn Jayanti Park is also home to Ghaziabad Hatt, the best place to buy handicrafts.

The best luxury vehicle for traveling together in small groups of fewer than 12 people is the 12-seat Tempo Traveller. When you hire this vehicle from lucknow to your preferred hill station in Himachal or Uttaranchal, you should always keep the prices that were calculated to book a Tempo Traveler in lucknow mind. When hiring a tempo traveler with 12 seats, there are three additional fees in addition to the per mile fee.

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