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While New York City is known for its informal dining options, Serves homely experiences with some pretty upscale restaurants, many of which have amazing views. Here Top 7 Restaurants Of New York cannot afford to miss any of the establishments on this list of New York’s top eateries. These upscale top 7 restaurants of New York come along the range from quiet to upscale French bistros run by some of the world’s most skilled and creative chefs.


First off, Gramercy Tavern has nine James Beard Awards and a Michelin star. If you’re seeking great cuisine with a casual flair in New York, this is the place. Its dining room and bar are open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. The menu features modern American cuisine produced using seasonal ingredients, some of which provide by nearby farmers. Browse the a la carte selections or savor the tasting menu created by the chef, which includes dishes like roasted duck confit, mushroom pot pie, tavern burgers, and dark chocolate mousse.


One of the top fine dining establishments in New York City will be Daniel, especially if you want to commemorate a special event. With the proper use of natural products, fish, and meats, chef Eddy Leroux prepares tasteful prix-fixe menus. With early notice, he can also accommodate various dietary restrictions. His small plates are exquisitely presented and contain traditional French cuisine. That has been slightly modified for American guests. Enjoy delectable oysters, scallops from the Hudson Valley, red snapper, and many more interesting places to view. Try the Pennsylvania rabbit or Berkshire pig ribeye if you prefer meat.

3. Jiang Nan

Despite claiming to have a fusion cuisine, these dishes inspire by Jiangnan region cooking: Combinations that are straightforward and let the freshness of their components shine, utilizing sauces that are soft salted, and sweetened. The food here is delicious, and Flushing Jiang Nan has many opportunities to create fusion meals because of Jiangnan’s well-known diversity of cooking methods. On the menu, seafood becomes more likely for meals that highlight vegetables like loofah melon or shredded potatoes. A must-order dish in Beijing is the Peking Duck, despite the city’s distance from the Yangtze River being several hundred kilometers.

4. Ambar

Each visitor to Ambar invites us into our family. Every component honors our long-standing Balkan tradition, centered on our fantastic food and outstanding service. The custom of being seated around the table for a feast to taste changed with small meals. The eateries provide grilled meats, outstanding cheeses, various kaymak blends, local wines, and an amazing selection of rakia. Come along on a delectable culinary tour of the Balkans with restaurant fare that won’t break the bank. Its origins in Balkan ingenuity reveal to all of our visitors. Excellent traditional supper with unique ingredients and features. The best Serbian winemakers, who fiercely guard their trade secrets, produce the greatest rakias, traditional spirits. Several of Belgrade’s top interior designers created stunning, simple furnishings.

5. Amanda’s Kitchen

Our top objective at Amada’s Kitchen is to provide excellent food that leaves customers delighted. Because of the variety of foods we serve, we’re sure you’ll love dining with us. After visiting our website, if you have any comments or inquiries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We eagerly await your arrival back! Check back later to see any updates to our website. A lot more is yet to come! Amadas is one of the nicest things that has ever happened to Washingtonville since it provides delicious food, fantastic drinks, and a charming family. If you haven’t already, take a look at their evening specials if you want to give them a try.By far the greatest lunch in town! Everything is in season and tastes great! 

6. Andreas Keller restaurant

David Forchemer opened Andreas Keller Restaurant in 1989. His love of people and Bavaria served as the inspiration for the restaurant’s conception. Later, his daughter Heidi, who took over as owner in 1995, received the passion from him. They founded the Andreas Keller restaurants along with the German head chef Anita. The Keller family continues their enduring traditions. The eateries promote an abundance of hospitality and serve authentic homemade Bavarian cuisine together with imported draft beers and more live music than any other venue in town. Additionally, it offers a wide selection of gluten-free items and some of the best sweets in the area.

7.Piccola Cucina Group

“Piccola Cucina” built Piccola Cucina Sicilian Osteria, a brand-new restaurant in New York in 2013, after organizing the “historic” Prince Road area and in response to several requests from customers who became ever more passionate about our culinary offerings. This time, in the center of Soho, one of the city’s most prominent neighborhoods. The key to the success of this new area intended for a vibrant audience, much like our meals, is friendly service in a welcoming environment, in the characteristic setting of an Italian restaurant, paired with proper home cooking. Our customers buy a menu that our chef devotes the most care to, starting with the freshness of the ingredients in a casual, welcoming setting that blend with traditional Mediterranean flavors.

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