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Optimizing a video is a critical task for a website. because there are several search engine videos for optimization as we compare them with organic traffic and this will help us to create visibility for our target audience.If we want to attract more customers to our service. We need to find out what our audience needs on the website. it allows us to restore the channel to an investment that helps us to build web traffic on the webpage and that will help us to restore the target over the long term.

Why video optimization is important in SEO 

Video optimization is important for several reasons as it improves user experience and optimizes video load time faster, plays video smoothly and it helps easy to find the site and improves the overall experience. and it increases the likelihood that viewers will watch the entire video without any problem.

There are the top 10 tricks to improve your SEO 

1. Do keyword research 

  • Keyword research is the best practice to target your audience to find relevant content To rank your website. There are basic practices that we use to find the keyword and it will help to find our target audience
  • First, we need to identify our target audience to research the topic and then find the relevant keyword related to the topic 
  • When we use keyword tools like google planner or SEMrush.these tools are very helpful to find keywords related to the target audience. and it also provides a volume of competition for each keyword.
  • Selecting a video that is relevant to our content. And there will be a high search volume and low search competition. by using the video title description and tag to improve da from the website 
  • When we track the result of our keyword that will automatically rank on our website.

2. Focus on your video title 

The title is an essential part of video SEO and it helps to serve as the first point of contact between video and potential buyers.

There are many tips to make relevant content –

  • The title should match the content with the help of a search engine when you determine the topic of the video in the brief description of the video.
  • The title is the best place to target your keyword. When search engines give you lots of waits For the keyword in the ranking.
  • When we keep our title clear in the topic, we will set the expectation and review our topic to a new point in time to create a relevant topic in SEO.

3. Add a great description

  • Writing a great description of the topic of your video will help you to rank in search engines and increase your organic traffic.
  • The description should be accurate to the content and give more context to the search engine that helps to know the topic of your video.
  • Always make sure when we target our keyword naturally throughout the video description. But be careful don’t to as overdo it. sending too many signals to a search engine spread the wrong impression on your site
  • Always ensure that your description provides a good overview of your context. use is always a call-to-action term for the long run.

4. Embed a transcript

A transcript can help to provide a video description based on content in the search engine and provide ranking to help the website domain.

There are many ways to use transcripts in SEO –

  • They make the video content accessible to a wide range of audience. and also include people with disability who may struggle to watch and understand audio and video content.
  • Transcripts allow us to add relevant keywords and provide more context about the content and allow users to add descriptions.
  • A transcript can also boost engagement by making it easier for users to make it refer to specific selections in the video. They provide a rich experience in the audio-video content

5. Choose a relevant file name 

The file name of the video helps a user to provide extra information about the content of the video of search engine

The file name helps to provide the following SEO technique-

  • Your video file name should reflect the content and include a relevant keyword .and it can be a most important strong point to discuss in search engine optimization to help the site ranking.
  • A descriptive file name can be improved the user experience to classify the need of the customer. they will be able to relate to the content and fulfilled the need of the consumer.
  • A structured firm can make it easier to tackle the relevant keyword that uses in search engines.

6. Add a thumbnail image 

Choosing a relevant and video-appealing thumbnail in the content will help you to boost your video visibility through the click rate and this factor will positively impact your thumbnail image.

The best way of using a thumbnail image in your video-

  • An eye catchy thumbnail will help you to find your target audience with the click of your video. always make sure that your thumbnail design will be simple to attract the customer for more reach.
  • The thumbnail will always be relevant to your audience and video content to justify your need for what idea you should avoid based on content.
  • It should be clear that good content always be praised 

7. Make a short video 

Always keep video length between 2 to 5 min long, because longer videos have a low retention rate 

The result is a higher retention rate that will help to engage the ranking of your content-

  • If your content takes more time then break it into 2,3 videos to lessen the load time. Bundle them into the small playlist and make a correct description and keyword.
  • Use visually correct and powerful content for the customer in long run.
  • Always consider the target audience for visual design elements.

8. Use Mp4 video format

There are several reasons to use mp4 video format –

  • Mp4 format video will use in compressing the file size and reduce the video load time and fasten the task which helps to improve the visibility and engagement of the video that we use to justify the value of SEO.
  • Metadata such as title, description, and embedded form of the workforce help to improve the data. this format is highly protected in the form of compatibility for the user and helps them to increase their SEO.


In this topic, we find that we need to optimize our video configuration setting to justify the need of the customer to process them and engaged the video processing to classify them 

In the process, the need that the customer wants in the marketing to gain the views and process the strategy to optimize them into video content that what customer want in today world. video content will remain the process simple and give search engines more context and provide code for relevant keywords and descriptions 

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