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The constant pursuit of the impossible to be accomplished is the reason that many millionaires, and particularly billionaires can be extremely aggressive, and ruthless in their quests to increase their wealth. Afraid transformation health services of incalculable wealth with a fortune that is way beyond the scope of greed (as even though this kind of radical action is somehow a way to justify their own self-interested “cause”), they become monomaniacal, megalomaniacal as well as inhuman and, to be honest–inhumane.

Essential ingredient

Their bold ventures grow more competitive, mercenary cruel, and ruthless. Take, for instance the multi-billionaire Koch brothers, and their recent ingenuous and unrelenting attempts to sabotage unions, that stand in their way of increasing their profits. As addicts generally require an increasing amount in the “drug of choice” to be high, people who already have wealth require always more riches to experience the term I consider to be crucial-“good sufficient”. In addition, as the philosopher Eric Hoffer put it, “You can never get enough of what you don’t really want,” the essential ingredient to enduring happiness isn’t accessible to people who have it.

Essential elements

Working professionally with many multimillionaire delinquents I’m able to tell you that the things was really wanted were all about wellness essential elements of happiness as laid out in the first paragraph of this blog. The brief highs that came with the wealth accumulation weren’t anything more than a hormone adrenaline rush, in any case. Although in the public eye they were incredibly successful, the constant tensions and anxieties attest of the rush in “feel good” chemicals their success brought was quickly exhaust.


Money cannot buy harmonious relationship with other people that is satisfying. Also, it isn’t able to create unconditional acceptance of self. Such an inner embrace has no connection with your financial account. In reality, your financial wealth, far from being a guarantee for the most crucial connection in your life, can make it more dependent. If you are able to measure your self-worth in dollars or cents, it is bound to fluctuate or decline in line to the performance (or success or failure) that you have made of the latest endeavor.

Furthermore, those who have a lot of money tend to be tight-lipp and even a bit sloppy. Research has repeatedly shown that those with the most wealth contribute more to charities than those in those in the middle.

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