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About the Sar Pass Trek:

The picturesque Sar Pass Trek starts in the Kullu Valley and it concludes at Barhseini. The walk should be taken by anyone who likes adventure, icy landscapes, and towering peaks.  Since it travels through pine forests, lovely meadows, stunning mountains covered with snow, and some of the most incredible panoramas, Sar Pass rates as one of the greatest treks for beginners. The journey starts in Kasol. Also, you will PASS by Sar, the locally known name for the lake of ice that gives the area its name. The total hike is 37 miles long. Once you’ve climbed to the PASS, that is situated at a height of around 14,000 feet, the Parvati Valley’s stunning mountains provide an especially beautiful view. The trek’s base camp is Manali, which is located near to the Parvati river’s valley in the Parvati valley. The trek to Sar officially starts in Kasol, a village famed for its beautiful evergreen forests and mountain streams. After passing through extensive trees, the route enters an area that is entirely covered in snow. After that, the trail makes a number of circles through a few of the most beautiful settings, such as barren woodlands, adorable old-world towns, and spectacular snow-capped mountains. From the Nagaru campsite, which serves as the walk’s top, one can overlook the stunning mountains that encircle the Parvati valley. Along the trail, hikers pass through several little meadows, the bulk of which are utilised by residents to graze their livestock. 

Brief itinerary:

1st day: The hike is from Kasol Camp to Grahan Village (07 km; 5–6 hours)

2nd day: Hike is from Grahan to Mini Thach (07 km; 4–5 hours; 3400 m).

3rd day: Travel by foot from Mini Thatch to Naguru (4 to 5 hours), 3,800 metres.

4th day: Trek from Naguru – Sar Pass, elevation 13875 ft, to Biskeri Thatch, distance 12 km, time 6/8 hours, elevation 3350 m.

5th day: The hike is from Biskeri Thatch to Pulga (6 km), 4–5 hours, and 2400 m, 22-kilometer cab ride to Kasol the same day.

Reasons why this trek is highly recommended:

The best feature of this hike is that it gives you the opportunity to visit the surrounding places and get a taste of the rich and varied Himachali culture. To really understand how much contentment can be found in the most fundamental pleasures, one must be close to the locals because they enjoy unhurried lifestyles.

The Sar Pass trip’s huge variety of beautiful views will make tourists stunned. You will stumble across a little frozen lake called Sar while climbing and on your route to the Biskeri Ridge. 

One of the well-liked tourist destinations in Kasol is Nagaru Village. Following your passage through this little settlement, you will be treated to a breathtaking view of the Parvati valley, which is characterised by a wide area of lush land and is bordered by imposing mountains. 

A fun tidbit about the Sar Pass trip is that, despite what the name says, it is actually a mountainous crest rather than a pass. The picturesque vistas of the pass, which has the Parvati river running alongside it, are truly breathtaking, adding to the thrill of getting over all the obstacles. 

It is impossible to describe the magnificent sensation of vacationing at the Biskeri Thach.  One of the finest things about the Sar Pass trip is the pine woods that are scattered across the gorgeous mountains, giving you the impression that you are in heaven. It will seem like riding a thrill ride as you descend downhill from Sar Pass. The walk is best suited for those wishing to combine some peace and quiet with just a touch of excitement.

The Sar Pass Trek makes for a fantastic vacation because you may decide to make a brief detour to Kasol to have a better understanding of the way of living and cultural practices of the locals. You can sample Israeli cuisine, which is particularly well-known in Himachal and is one of the primary explanations why so many people enjoy Sar Pass. 

The Sar Pass Trek, within the Shivalik peaks, is probably difficult because it is one of the highest treks in Himachal Pradesh at 14,000 feet above sea level. 

When is it most likely to visit?

Due to the great weather, which includes mild evenings and pleasant daytime temperatures, summers are thought to be the finest time to embark on the Sar Pass Trek. Normally, there is no snow on the trails, making travel simpler. The green fields are in full bloom, creating a vibrant setting and wonderful vistas. The weather starts to clear up and panoramas return to their vibrant green form after the height of the rainy season (September to October). This is the most favourite season for the Sar Pass Trek. There are fewer individuals around compared  to the summer, and the temperature is still favorable for hiking. However, as October draws near, the temperature starts to drop, particularly at night, so you need to be prepared for a change in the weather. 

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