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A Truck Accident Lawyer is a kind of Personal Injury Lawyer who has expertise in handling Truck accident cases between large trucks like dump trucks, tankers, etc, with passenger vehicles. They can help the victims to negotiate with the truck owners or truck companies and to get justice for the victim’s loss. You will know about everything you need to know about truck accident lawyers.

Truck Accident Lawyers: Roles and Responsibilities

A truck accident lawyer specializes in cases involving accidents between large commercial trucks like dump trucks, tankers, etc., and passenger vehicles. Victims can get serious injuries, property damage, and even death. Here, victims should hire a truck accident lawyer. A truck accident lawyer does the following work to make sure victims will get justice as well as compensation from the truck owners.

  • First, they will discuss the situation with you. Then, they will go through each and every piece of evidence(police reports, medical reports, trucking logs, etc.)
  • In that evidence, they extract information about the truck drivers, truck owners they were assigned to, and maintenance providers. 
  • After collecting all the information, they will contact the insurance companies of the truck owners. They will discuss the compensation that you should get from them. If truck owners don’t agree with the settlements, then they will file a complaint against them for you. 
  • They will represent you in court and present the necessary evidence to get the victory.
  • In this whole process, if the lawyer finds out about the true intentions of truck drivers or their owners, then they can charge them with a punitive case.

How Can A Truck Accident Lawyer Help You?

A truck accident lawyer can help you if you have met with an accident with a large commercial truck. 

  • The trucking industry has more experience in legal matters than you. They can convince you to sign any documents or accept any offers that may affect your compensation recovery. So, a truck accident lawyer can assist you with these kinds of matters.  
  • They know the cause and liability of the accident. So, they will hire experts like engineers, medical professionals, and accident reconstructionists to help you with your case. They will even collect evidence like skid marks, debris, black box data, videos, and photos.
  • If the truck driver or the trucking company acted intentionally in the accident, then they will seek punitive damage for you. The primary damage of your injuries, medical bills, lost income, emotional harm, pain, and suffering will be added to your compensation bills. They can negotiate with the insurance companies of the responsible parties. If they refuse, then the lawyer will file a lawsuit against them on your behalf to cover your losses.
  • They can fight for you in court. They will argue your case and cross-examine the witnesses(If any) using their experience and legal skills. If necessary, they will also handle any post-trial appeals.

Fees of a Truck Accident Lawyer

Are you aware of what a contingency fee is? A contingency fee basis means that if a lawyer wins the cases or obtains a settlement for their clients, then they will get paid. A truck accident lawyer works on this fee basis. They will get paid from the recovery amount of a percentage ranging from 33% to 40%. 

There are some additional fees like court fees, copying costs, etc, but it depends on the lawyers. Victims can get a free consultation from them to evaluate the cases and the fee structures.

How to Hire A Truck Accident Lawyer?

Hiring a truck accident lawyer is a crucial task. But if you follow the proper steps, then you will succeed.

  • Search on online platforms to find a lawyer who specializes in truck accident cases. You can get referrals from others.
  • Go through their websites and read reviews. You need to check at the State Bar Associations for their credentials and license. After checking all the necessary information, select lawyers one by one whom you want to go for a free consultation.
  • Then, contact them about their availability for consultation. Visit them and discuss with them about their experiences, fees, and past works. Explain your problems with them and ask their opinion and strategy.  
  • Then, choose the best one for your case among them. Visit them to sign a written contract that explains their fee structure and some terms and conditions. 

Always keep in mind that you never sign a document before reading it carefully.


Now, you know everything about Truck Accident Lawyers, their responsibilities, fees, and how to hire one. Always feel free to discuss everything with your lawyer. Never hide anything from them. If you have to go to court for justice, then you should follow the rules as asked by your lawyer. If you have come this far, then good luck with your case.

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