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Ever heard of the bright and beautiful Citrine gemstone having a sunny appearance? We bet you did. If you want to get familiar with Citrine, you should think of reading this blog. After learning about Citrine, you will definitely be interested in buying some Citrine Jewelry. And why not? It makes up for a wonderful gift for someone you love and yourself. And not only is this stone appealing, but it has many healing benefits. One such benefit is it brings abundance and prosperity into your life.

What Is Citrine, basically?

Citrine is a member of the quartz crystal family. It is a transparent variety of quartz possessing a yellow-to-orange color. The appealing color and high clarity of Citrine, along with its affordable price and high durability, make it popular, which is why Citrine Jewelry never goes out of trend.

Keeping aside the aesthetic traits of Citrine, it has several healing properties and metaphysical benefits, which make it a highly sought-after stone. It is associated with the positive energy of the sun, and it benefits the wearer both physically and mentally in different ways.

The History of Citrine

The name “Citrine” has been derived from the Latin word “citreus,” which means lemon. During ancient and medieval times, Citrine was known as the “merchant’s stone” because it was believed that it brought financial prosperity and abundance to those who possessed this stone. Citrine was first used in the 1540s to denote pure yellow quartz.

During the early medieval times, any yellow stone was given the position of November birthstone. But, according to modern birthstone charts, primarily yellow topaz was considered to be the proper birthstone of November. However, Citrine is considered to be the best alternative for yellow topaz. Various colors of Citrine are sometimes named by titles such as; “Citrine Topaz,” “Madeira Topaz,” “Palmyra Topaz,” “Saxon Topaz,” “Spanish Topaz,” and “Topaz Quartz.”

Heat-Treated Citrine

Rare is quartz that is naturally colored Citrine. Some people are willing to pay a premium for this Citrine in its natural color. Someone long ago discovered that some Citrine of light color could be heated to make it more colorful. It was also found that some amethyst with a light color could be heated to produce the lovely Citrine color. This treatment is very effective and reasonably priced. Currently, heat-treated amethyst mined in eastern Brazil makes up the majority of the Citrine entering the gem and Jewelry market. So, be careful while purchasing Citrine Jewelry. If you want to buy genuine Citrine Jewelry, try buying it from a Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry Supplier. Or, try purchasing Handmade Jewelry that has Citrine in it – most artisans who make handmade Jewelry always use authentic stones.

The majority of people are content with Citrine that has had its color enhanced by heat treatment or that was created by heating light-colored amethyst. Many people never even “think of” or “know of” these two options. For some people, these products, however, are distinctly different. As a result, when the nature of the color is known, the seller should let the buyer know; otherwise, they should frankly state, “We don’t know the origin of the color.”

Color Variations in Citrine

It’s available in a variety of colors. It can range from the palest yellow tone to reddish-orange tints and even browns and greens. Generally speaking, the more vivid the color of the Citrine, the higher its worth. When it comes to proving authenticity, there are several fundamental qualities that one should look for when analyzing a stone’s quality.

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The most crucial attribute to recognize in a Citrine is transparency; if you cannot see through it or notice any cloudiness or haziness, then it is not real. In addition, having an awareness of how different treatments impact the value of Citrine is crucial so as not to be deceived by cheaper stones that have been artificially tinted or treated.

Healing Properties of Citrine Crystal

Citrine crystal is considered to offer various therapeutic characteristics, making it a popular choice for persons to employ in crystal healing practices. It’s a gemstone that is thought to enhance good energy flow, affluence, and manifestation. Thanks to the Citrine crystals’ boosting powers and lovely colors, this vivid gemstone is very often utilized in Jewelry!

Due to Citrine’s association with Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakra, wearing Citrine stones is supposed to help you stay confident and grounded. It is also thought to help you steer clear of any negativity, increase your spiritual sense, and fire your creativity.

What’s more, one of the many other reasons Citrine is so well-loved is its strong healing energy. The Citrine therapeutic powers are said to help you fight off lethargy, giving you brilliant vitality. It’s also been considered throughout history to improve your digestion, immunological health, and circulation and even clear your body of impurities.

Cleaning and Care Advice for Citrine Crystal

The Citrine crystal is quite tough, scoring a seven on the Mohs scale, making it ideal for daily use! Use chemical-free dish soap and warm water to clean your Citrine Jewelry at home, such as a Citrine ring, Citrine pendant, Citrine earrings, Citrine necklace, or Citrine bracelet. Your Citrine should appear brand new after carefully cleaning the afflicted areas with a toothbrush dipped in the solution. Additionally, keeping your Citrine crystals out of reach of your windows is advised. Your stones may fade and lose their lovely colors if they are exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period of time.

Where can I get Jewelry made with Citrine?

Try placing an order with Rananjay Exports if you want to buy Citrine Jewelry or other sterling silver Jewelry at a discount. Since 2013, they have been engaged in the wholesale Jewelry industry. They sell Jewelry in over 250 genuine gemstones made in 925 sterling silver. Opal, Moonstone, Larimar, Libyan Desert Glass, Turquoise, and Moldavite are some of the gems used in their Jewelry. They also deal in Custom Jewelry, casting Jewelry, designer Jewelry, birthstone Jewelry, and chakra Jewelry made of sterling silver.

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