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Gone are the days when basements are used as storage space for unwanted furniture or boxes. Homeowners have come to appreciate that this area of the house can provide a completely different standard of life while significantly raising the house’s worth and area.

Whether it’s creating a cosy lounge, designing a stylish bedroom, or setting up a home cinema- basements can be transformed into any form to fit the present needs of homeowners.

It is one of the factors contributing to the increased demand for basement underpinning services in BC. Older homes often have either no basements at all or very little underground space. However, it is frequently more cost-effective to build downward rather than outward (with an expansion).

Underpinning deepens the space’s foundations and gives it more usable height. In this article, we discuss how underpinning services in BC can help you transform your basement or lack thereof into your dream basement.

What is Underpinning?

A building’s foundations are strengthened through the process of underpinning.   This technique is used to increase the depth of any foundation. The height of the basement in traditionally constructed dwellings is insufficient. Underpinning saves the day by enabling you to access a deeper area.

Because most homes already have a basement in some form, they don’t need to be completely rebuilt. The issue is that, in most cases, it is too small to be turned into a useful space. Underpinning forces the foundations deeper so that the basement’s height rises and it becomes a useful space.

Main Types of Basement Underpinning

The three main types of basement underpinning are mass pouring, beam and base, and the pile method.

Mass Pouring

Mass pouring is a commonly used and traditional technique for underpinning structures. It is especially suitable for shallow underpinning projects that do not require extensive digging.

This method involves excavating the weak soil beneath the surface and replacing it with poured concrete, which significantly strengthens the foundation. By utilizing the strength of concrete, the entire weight of the structure is effectively supported.

The mass pouring method offers several advantages:

  • Cost-effectiveness: It requires less labour compared to other underpinning techniques, resulting in lower labour costs.
  • Engineering simplicity: The process is straightforward and does not involve complex engineering procedures.
  • Uninterrupted use of the building: During the underpinning construction, there is no need to evacuate the property, allowing the building’s regular use to continue without interruption.

Beam and Base Method

The beam and base method is an alternative underpinning technique that uses beams and a mass concrete base. Beams are incorporated to support the existing foundation, transferring the load to a concrete beam below, above, or in place of the foundation. This beam evenly distributes the load to a mass concrete base, ensuring stability and reinforcement.

The beam and base approach successfully fortifies the foundation and assures its stability by putting the beams in strategic locations and building a sturdy concrete base.

Pile Method

The Pile method of underpinning involves installing piles using proper driving techniques along both sides of the wall to be strengthened, as the name implies.  Borehole piles on under-reamed piles are the most common type of piling employed. Then, holes are made in the wall and steel or concrete needles are inserted to link to the Pile. These needles serve as beams and pile caps, respectively.

Contact Underpinning Services Today!

Today, underpinning can be completed remarkably quickly. Sometimes, it can take a while because the task must be completed carefully and expertly, which is quite important. If the foundation has any weaknesses, these need to be fixed. The precise amount of time will depend on the structure’s current state and the service you hire.

When it comes to basement underpinning services in British Columbia, Atlas Piling and Drilling Inc. is a company you can trust.

Their highly skilled team is equipped with the expertise, abilities, and experience needed to construct foundation underpinning systems reliably and securely on all foundation types and in the most challenging ground conditions. Get in touch with them immediately to request a quote!

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