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Sun damaged skin is a result of exposure to harmful ultraviolet sun rays. Your skin is fragile and becomes tan if you sit or work under the sun for a long. This damage results in skin discoloration and worsens your skin texture and condition. In this blog, let’s see how to treat your damaged skin.

What causes sun damaged skin?

You all would have experienced soaking in the sun in winter or playing at the beach in the summer. Did you apply any sun protection cream? Many of you would answer no; however, your skin is very sensitive to the sun. When harmful rays fall on your skin, they make your skin appear weak. Also, it weakens the blood capillaries in your skin and damages them. If you observe, your skin becomes discolored with dark parches covering the body parts exposed to the skin.

Most of you would ignore the condition. However, there are better ways to deal with this issue than ignoring your skin. An ideal way is to shift to a suitable skincare routine, like using the Belle Cote Parisproducts. Their products come with the right ingredients that work on your skin by targeting the problem.

What are the common signs of sun damage?

The sun damage on face is not something you can hide. It is always prominent, and you get visible signs of damage. Discoloration on your skin is a common sign you immediately observe by examining your skin tone. Similarly, you would observe your skin transforming into a darker tone.

Whatever type of skin you have, it starts getting dryer. The dryness is not like a seasonal dryness but a persistent dryness. Even if you apply thick layers of moisturizers, it still doesn’t go away. Hence, it would irritate you. With extra dryness, your skin gets peeled off. This process is quite painful, as patches of dryness demand forceful removal from the skin.

Those who have a sensitive skin type might face irritation and redness on the face. Afterwards, the sagginess on your skin increases and wrinkles are common to appear.

The signs of sun damage persuade you to look forward to the sun damage on face treatment.Let’s see how Belle Cote Paris offers you the products to deal with this skin concern.

How to reverse sun damage on face- The skin care regimen treatment

Choosing the right product works by targeting your skin problems and treating them. Although the products take a little while to show their results until then, be very patient with your skin.

  • Sun protecting cream

The first product to start with is the double sun protection cream. It provides you with complete coverage against harmful sun rays. Also, it erases unwanted pigmentation or sun damaged signs from the skin. The wrinkles, sagginess, and other ageing signs fade off with this product. Always apply the cream even if you are staying in an indoor space. Its regular application is necessary for everyone.

  • Vitamin C serum

Use the Vitamin C-3 serum. This serum adds a layer of protection against sun damage.

  • Mask

Then, it reduces the skin ageing signs formed on the sun damage skin.You can further use the triple stem cell mask energizer. It is a mask that soothes and hydrates damaged skin. Also, it provides rejuvenation to your skin and makes it appear younger. It fades away the dark brown spots formed due to sun damage. Eventually, your skin complexion turns out bright.

  • Exfoliator

Use the organic seaweed exfoliator to remove the dead and damaged skin cells from the skin. It leaves behind soft and smooth skin. Use ultra nourishing night cream to treat your damaged skin from the sun. It promotes your skin glow and freshness. Moreover, it repairs damaged skin.

What other ways could you treat your damaged skin?

Along with the skin regimen, you can try home remedies too. Home remedies for sun damage on face include many ingredients available in your kitchen. However, the results from treatments like these take a while to show up. You won’t find any side effects from the remedies.

What else you can do is cover your skin when you go out. For example, wear a cap, scarf, and sunglasses to prevent direct exposure to the sun.


Sun damaged skin is one of the most common skin problems every second person faces. Dealing with such skin type could be challenging, but not when you have Belle Cote Paris skincare products.

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