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When you want to paint or repaint your home interiors, it is advisable that you look into the latest trends so that you get the best results in line with what most homes are doing right now. Look for the best interior painters near me and get the consultation that will benefit your painting or repainting job in the best way. Watch these emerging trends in interior painting before getting started with your interior painting mission.

Dark walls

According to Sue Wadden, color marketing director at Sherwin Williams, darker and moodier colors are becoming a common choice for interior walls. Especially he says navy hues and deep greens taking the front seat. While you might feel darker colors making the room look smaller, the CE||O and founder of Settle Right Home Repairs, Teris Pantazes suggests, “keeping the darker colors to rooms that have higher ceilings and natural light and keeping the ceiling white.”

Contrasting trim

When the room is painted in one single color, it can look heavy and bland. Play with contrasts to keep the home interior balanced and interesting. Painting your trim with a dark and contrasting color is a good idea to create a contrast with light colored interior walls. If the walls are painted in dark colors, go for light colors for the trim.

Feature walls

Though accent walls have been trending for several years, these days something new is noticed in the painting trend. In place of solid colors, home owners are choosing touchable textures, wallpaper, murals and unique patterns. Known as feature walls, this approach helps bestow a personality to the otherwise blank wall. This is a great way to turn your blank wall into an art.

Bright colors for front doors

If pop color will interest you, you are lucky. Brightly painted doors are hot topics right now. Go for bold colors with salmon or yellow. Alternatively, you may also stick to classic colors like navy blue or burgundy. The hue of your front door must be chosen considering the exterior colors. A fresh coat of colors will help boost up the curb appeal of your home.

White on white

The big trends of our times are airy, bright and clean. To make your home look calm and clean, go for monochromatic white. In addition, this can help the low-light spaces appear larger and more inviting. While there are a lot of shades to choose from, simply white from Benjamin Moore is highly preferred as it looks a bit softer than the conventional bright white.

Anti-microbial paint

Antimicrobial paints are high selling products now. These paints come with an additive that will make your painted surface resistant to viruses and bacteria. Defending against microbes is one of the predominant concerns popularly seen across painting trends. In the process of shielding your painted surfaces from viruses and bacteria, this type of painti9ng will also help achieve a strong a reliable protection against mildew and mold. Especially this is a great option for rooms that have high moisture like kitchens and bathrooms

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