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Are you a manufacturing company searching for a reliable 3D printing service provider? If yes, you must check out the various options and services offered by a company in Shenzhen City that is well-reputed for rapid prototyping service. They have skilled labor to finish various tasks like CNC Machining, Sheet Metal, Die Casting, and many more. Do you know why most manufacturers like you avail of 3D printing services? If not, read the below points.

  • Speed
  • Cost
  • Flexibility
  • Competitive advantage

Speed: One of the major reasons for companies to choose 3D printing is the availability of rapid prototyping. Rapid prototyping is the creation of a customized product for testing within a short period. The creation part involves designing the product as well. Requests of businessmen for a modification in the design can be effectively dealt with without interfering with the manufacturing process.

Traditional printing requires weeks for manufacturing a prototype, and every time an amendment is requested it would add more weeks to the process. Full development of the product will take a year inclusive of shipping duration.

Cost: Believe it or not, small applications and production runs consider 3D printing the most cost-effective manufacturing method. Processes like injection molding and CNC machining can only be operated by experts who demand high salary packages and require the use of expensive machines. 3D printing does not need several machines to begin the process and can be handled by less number of operators.

Flexibility: Any printer can deliver almost any kind of 3D print as per their capacities. A basic manufacturing process will require a mold, jig, die, or a new tool to amend a part of the design or create a fresh design. In the 3D printing process, the design is introduced into a slicer software along with needed supports. Also, there is little or no change of equipment or physical machinery. Manufacture and creation of geometries are promoted by 3D printing whereas a traditional approach is resistant to them.  

3D printing is flexible enough to allow the utilization of multiple materials in a single item to enable an array of textures, and colors alongside letting mechanical properties get mixed and matched.

Competitive advantage: Do you know that 3D printing is a main contributor to reducing product life cycles? Yes, it is. Many companies can utilize this feature to improve their product and produce better items within a shorter period. One another benefit of using 3D printing is letting the investors and customers have a view of the product blueprint, unlike traditional processes that leave the clients imagining the outcomes.

From the above, it is evident that 3D printing is a beneficial approach to manufacturing products. It facilitates competitive advantage, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and the creation of products within a short span. That being said, you can avail of the mentioned advantages if you find out a reliable and efficient company like the one that deals with rapid prototyping services in Shenzhen City.

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