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ParentPay is a secure online payment system designed to replace cash payments for meals, trips and events at schools and nurseries. Parents can use it free of charge and protected details of their children are secure.

This system provides digital payment management, parental communications and meal & kitchen management for schools, MATs and local authorities, in addition to medical tracking for students.

It’s easy to use

ParentPay Login is the UK’s premier online payment and income management system for schools. It enables parents to pay online for school meals, trips and other items using credit or debit card payment – as well as making cash payments at PayPoint stores near them – which greatly simplifies income collection processes as well as communication between school administrators and parents.

Parents can access their accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the ParentPay website and can view payment histories as well as set up automatic payments for recurring expenses. ParentPay’s user-friendly design features include the highest internet security measures ensuring it’s safe to use; with one login allowing families with children attending multiple schools using ParentPay managing all payments and bookings from one central location reducing administration time while minimising lost payments risk. ParentPay is used by thousands of schools around the country to collect payments for school equipment purchases, uniforms, clubs membership dues as well as wraparound care costs.

It’s secure

ParentPay is a safe online payment system designed to enable parents to quickly pay for school meals, trips and other items without sending cash into school. Parents can easily log-in at any time using their unique login to access this system, plus view transactions and running balances online so they know exactly what their payments have paid for.

ParentPay utilizes cutting-edge technology to process card transactions securely. All communication with banks is encrypted (unreadable to anyone else) and neither ParentPay nor schools have access to your card details.

Who do not wish to use the online system can still make payments through cheque or cash at the school office. An activation letter was provided with your child so you may access this system and begin making online payments as soon as this has been activated.

It’s convenient

ParentPay makes online payments simple for school meals, trips and activities for parents of school-aged children. Parents can make one-off or recurring payments – such as school lunches or bus fares – without incurring an administrative fee. Parents can track payment history as well as receive automated email/SMS reminders of when payments are due.

ParentPay helps schools cut administrative time spent on banking procedures while keeping accurate records for every pupil. Furthermore, it reduces paper waste by eliminating cheque writing by parents and cheque recycling. Parents can even use ParentPay Clubs for wraparound care management such as breakfast and after-school clubs for their children.

ParentPay uses leading technology to securely process credit/debit card transactions and sends them back to the bank, protecting your card details. One ParentPay account suffices for all your children enrolled at schools using its system; you can top it up using debit/credit cards online or cash at PayPoint stores.

It’s free

ParentPay makes life simpler for both parents and their children by eliminating the need to hand out cash and enabling them to keep track of where their money is going. Payments can also be quickly and conveniently made 24 hours a day – no more slipping in cash under their pillow!

Payment for school meals, trips and other items can be made online using credit or debit cards. Parents can also pay for wraparound care services, music tuition fees, uniforms or extracurricular activities at local shops connected to ParentPay network.

ParentPay is completely free for both parents and schools, making payments as safe as making them at a store. Your card details will remain encrypted so only banks can read them; so even using ParentPay for transactions like meals or other purchases at school doesn’t compromise security – simply bring along your login details!

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