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Get ready to be captivated by the plethora of fun things offered by the Emerald city – Seattle.  From strolling the spirited streets of Pike Place Market to exploring the magnificence of the Space Needle there is no dearth of entertainment in Seattle. The thriving city is not only popular for soaring skyscrapers but also for its captivating landscape. This magical city makes the world’s best coffee as well as offers a great music and nightlife scene. Make United Airlines Flight Ticket Booking and get ready to indulge your senses.

What to know when is the best time to visit Seattle? 

Seattle is an all-season destination. Summer is bright and sunny and the city is buzzing with activity and tourists. It is the best time to explore the outdoors. 

If you like to bundle up in your blanket near the warm fireplace or indulge in a snowball fight. Winter is a great time to visit Seattle. 

Are you planning to visit Emerald city? Plan your trip with our carefully curated list of fun things to do and places to see in the vibrant city of Seattle. 

Here are the best places to explore in Seattle – 

1. Seattle Center 

Are you looking for a blend of culture, art, and entertainment all in one place? Seattle Center is the answer! Built-in 1962 and spread over 74 acres it is a perfect place to feel the pulse of Seattle. The magnificence of the center allures visitors from all over the globe.

 The key features of the center are – the Pacific Science Centre, Museum of Pop Culture, Space Needle, Chihuly Garden, and Glass. 

Highlights of Seattle center

If you don’t have Seattle center in your itinerary you are missing a big bite of the city marvels. 

  • Explore the world of pop music at the – Museum of Pop.
  • Get ignite the curiosity in you at the – Pacific Science center.
  • Explore the stunning Space Needle.
  • Experience creativity at its best at the – Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum.
  • Cool yourself at the – International Fountain.
  • Let the kids explore the special play area – Artist at play. 
  • Get amazed at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Discovery center. 

Entice by the plethora of activities at Seattle center! Book United Airlines flights to the vibrant city and get on with the exploring.

2. The Pacific Science center

It is one of the best places to ignite young minds to learn and explore more. This place offers numerous exhibits and hands-on knowledge to the kids. It is a treasure trove of knowledge and entertainment with five 5 massive buildings with interactive science experiences and technology. 

Highlights of Pacific center 

  • Explore the SaltWater Tide Pool
  • Experience the Tinker Tank Makerspace.
  • Step back in time with Dinosaurs exhibit – “A Journey Through Time”. 
  • Visit the Agents of Discovery exhibit 
  • Witness the Puget Sound Model.
  • Don’t miss the Science on a Sphere exhibit.

Visit the stunning place and see the wonder of science in its full brilliance.

3. Museum of Pop Culture

Lover of pop culture? There is no other place on earth that displays and exhibits pop culture in such glory as the Museum of Pop Culture. Explore stunning exhibits on famous pop stars such as Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, and many more. 

Highlights of the Museum of Pop Culture

  • See the movie – Hidden Worlds – the Film of Laika.
  • Explore the visual history of Hip Hop.
  • Explore the punk of Nirvana Exhibit.
  • Experience the – infinite world of science friction. 
  • Dive into the indie Game revolution.
  • Visit the – Pearl Jam home and away exhibit. 

So are you in for some punk and pop! Go for United Airlines Book Ticket and explore the captivating world of Pop.

4. Space Needle 

It is an iconic building in Seattle that offers the most captivating 360-degree view of the city. Soak in the city view and even the view of Mount Rainier on a clear day. Grab a bite and enjoy the most amazing feature of the structure – its revolving floor. 

Highlights of Seattle Needle

  • Go for a free welcome picture.
  • Hop on the 41-second elevator and zoom up to the Observatory deck.
  • Take in the captivating view of the cascading mountains, Mount Rainier, and Puget Sound from the Observatory deck.  
  • Savor a snack and drink at the Atmos Cafe.
  • Stand on the revolving floor and see the world go around.

Stand on the iconic building of Seattle and soak in the captivating view of the vibrant city by making United Flight Booking.  

5. Chihuly Garden and Glass

 Visit the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum and get transported into the captivating world of Dale Chihuly, a prominent artist. The museum displays colorful glasses. Put your most comfortable shoes on and explore the magnificent 8 galleries, a massive 40-foot glass house, a theater, three drawing walls, and a stunning art plaza.

Highlights Of Chihuly Garden and Glass

  • Visit the enchanting Glasshouse.
  • Explore the gorgeous Garden.
  • Take an Audio Tour.
  • Don’t skip visiting the bookstore.
  • Explore the ART Plaza and Cafe. 

Craving to explore the magical world of art and creativity! Book United Airlines Flights and beeline to the world of art. 

6. Pike Place Market

If you love cooking and hunting for unique ingredients then a visit to Pike Place market can be quite rewarding. The Market was established in 1907 and offers all things seasonal and organic at the farmer’s stand. Explore the seafood stalls and numerous unique food shops that sell difficult-to-find food ingredients. 

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Highlights of Pike Place Market

  • Stick gum on the legendary Gum wall.
  • See the fishmongers juggle the fish.
  • Go restaurant hopping to savor unique drinks, and cuisine.
  • Hunt for food ingredients at the food specialty shores.

Experience the lively vibe and the true spirit of Seattle by visiting the Pike Place Market.  

Seattle is a treasure house of all things fun and exciting. It is a place that is for all ages to explore. And trust me you will never run out of activities here. Make United Flight Booking and be blown away by the lively city. 

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