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If you are planning to purchase a veneer, you also need to be aware of its preparation processes and the procedures you need to undergo in order to get it fixed. Knowing all these would put you in a better position to be prepared for activities like consultation, process of treatment, cost of treatment and some other unpleasant activities like pain or anaesthetic. Fixing a veneer is a very elaborate and intensive procedure so it may take a few weeks to process from the start of consultation. If you want to know what to expect during the preparation process for a veneers new hyde park, you can read through to find out.

Veneer Preparation Procedure

It is an easy procedure and requires an appointment with a dentist in Hyde park ny twice in a six week time frame and this is only dependent on the type of Veneer you are fixing. For porcelain veneer the dentist would need to mold it to the surface of your teeth while for composite veneer the dentist fixes layer by layer it to your teeth and hardens it with a high intensity light until it gets to the desired shape and density. There are some Preparation processes for the enamel but before we get there the first steps include:

1. Dentist Visit For The First Time

When you go to see the dentist for the first time the dentist will ask you a lot of questions. Do not fret the questions are there to help him or her access your situation. Questions your dentist would ask are your medical history, habit, dental issue. Here, the lake success dentist would also keep a close eye for signs of bad oral habits. After the assessment of the teeth the dentist would go ahead to observe different parts of the teeth and check for cavities and decay to know if its presence would hinder the whole process.

2. Preparation Of The Enamel 

The dental veneer is a thin shell like material placed on the surface of the teeth. Before doing that, you need to peel or scrape away some of the surface part of your enamel. Applying the veneer on unchiseled teeth would make your teeth look bulky. Removing the outer layer of the teeth may come as painful or painless for most people, depending on where you find yourself you may also request for an anaesthetic to reduce the pain. When they are done chiselling, the dentist lake success ny would take measurements of the teeth so as to get the right size of veneer.

3. Temporary Veneer Before permanent Veneer

A Temporary Veneer can sometimes be fixed to the teeth first and it would be worn for a week. This acts as a control whereby the dentist would monitor how well you can take care of the veneer. When the whole process Is done and the temporary veneers are taken off. The disinfection stage would begin. In this stage the dentist tries to get rid of any plagues or bacteria stuck in between your teeth or gum. After this treatment, a permanent veneer is now molded into your teeth.


After the whole process your dentist would also advise you on some of the best practices you can indulge in to maintain your veneers. Some of the regular practices includes; Flossing daily, maintaining a healthy oral lifestyle and visiting your dentist once every six months. Your veneers are expected to last for at least 10 years and if you follow all the rules involved, it may last more than that.

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