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If you have been looking for the perfect party or a wedding venue in Bangalore, Garedeenia Comfortes can be your best pick! Everything from multiple wedding halls to the liberty to bring your reliable caterers is allowed at the venue. But that is not all. There is more to this super chic hotel that will help you go with this one, within seconds!

Keep reading to know why you shall keep Gardeenia Comfortes as your top option for wedding venues in Bangalore!

Caterers as Your Comfort

Food is usually the main ingredient in making any get-together or celebration a success. Any compromises in this area can turn your entire event into a disaster! It is quite obvious that customers would either like to have a first-hand experience with the hotel chefs or bring their reliable ones to serve the delicacies at the wedding venue. Hotel Gardeenia Comfortes will offer you the very same flexibility. This wedding hall in Bangalore provides an option for both bringing your trusted caterers or hire their in-house caterers for food preparation. Also, they offer both vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies to make your guests 100% full at heart and in their tummy.

World Class Decorators

Imagine your guests entering your wedding venue and getting completely awestruck by the decor. Will you not just love the feeling? 

The decor and arrangements offered by the Gardeenia Comfortes are exactly the same. The decorators here are long-term professionals and know every bit about compiling aesthetics and trends to make your guests feel at home. They might even approach an informal conversation with your to know your taste and style better and to give a personalized touch to the decor. Moreover, the in-house decorators have the perfect idea of every inch and wall of all the multiple wedding halls at the venue and know the exact type of decor to suit your requirements. All you have to do is to choose a hall according to your guest size and leave the rest to the hotel team to make your event a grand success!

Accessible Location

Gardeenia Comfortes in Bangalore is located in the heart of the city and one can easily reach there by any means of public transport or private vehicles. This beautiful wedding venue is located 4.6 km away from Heelalige Station, and 650m from Bommasandra bus station. Obviously, the prime location will make it easier for your guests to reach there and move around the area for any urgent needs. Also, the vendors, photographers, or caterers will charge relatively lower amounts to roam around the nearby location than to supply items at some distant place. 

Easy Affordability

One of the best and most important factors to choose Gardeenia Comfortes as your wedding venue in Bangalore is its pocket-friendly services. Quality services with affordability is one of the major driving factors for customers to go with any wedding venue. Gardeenia Comfortes aces it both!

The per plate cost of this venue in Bangalore ranges from INR 450-600. Also, you can book your venue in advance with just 50% of the entire booking amount. Gardeenia comforts even offer two complimentary rooms on the day of your event for free! Their average price for lodging rooms is INR 4000.

Spacious Parking Area

The spacious parking area not just accounts for easy mobility of vehicles but also ensures all your wedding essentials are safely reaching your destination. The Gardeenia Comfortes understands your requirement and offers a huge valet parking with parking space for approximately 200 vehicles. This spacious venue allows even the heaviest and large vehicles to enter into the wedding premises and smooth your wedding planning process.

Other Essentials

Apart from delivering the top-notch services to your guests, there are a few more reasons to choose this wedding venue in Bangalore

What else you will get?

  • Multiple wedding halls with different capacity to suit your exact requirements
  • 200+ lodging rooms to comfortably accommodate your guests
  • All types of alcohol served at the venue
  • Air conditioned halls and rooms
  • Inhouse decorators and catering sevrices

So, Gardeenia Comfortes is not just perfect wedding venue for your special day. But it will also look after your taste, style and persona to create the most personalised experience for their customers. You can totally choose this wedding venue in Bangalore to ensure 100% satisfaction and pleasure spending every penny!

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