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Setting up your online store has become an integral part of every business whether big or small. With more and more customers shifting to online shopping, it is essential to be present online to cater to your customer’s needs so that you can stay caught up with your competitors and retain your market share.

The most important step is to choose the right E-commerce platform. With so many options available, it becomes a tedious task to make the right choice. You need a platform that becomes a part of the buyer’s journey and leads them to sales.

About Shopify

Shopify is the first name that must have popped up in your mind when you thought of a good Ecommerce Platform. Well, it is because of its huge range of applications and features that allow you to design different web pages. You can also customize your store, link-local languages, and reach your audience in any part of the world.

Shopify has over 500,000 stores running in more than 100 countries. To make the best use of its features and application you must hire a certified Shopify expert who can set up the perfect online store for your business to attract your global audience and yield maximum profits.

Reasons why You Should Choose Shopify

Here is a list of reasons that will convince you to immediately choose Shopify for your online business:

  • Variety of Themes: Shopify has more than 100 free and paid themes that allow you to design your online store in a wide variety of ways. There are over 70 professional templates that have been designed by experts and can be used for a vast range of products and services.  You can choose and customise these as per your needs and preference.
  • Supports  Blogs: These days blogs have become quite popular and play an important role in the buyer’s cycle. Serving high-quality content, will keep your audiences engaged, drive more traffic and bring in more sales. If you use the Shopify platform, you can make use of this important tool to attract your customers.
  • Supports Offers/Discounts: When it comes to shopping, you cannot deny the powers of sales coupons, discount offers, etc. They are an excellent tool to lure new customers, hold on to existing customers and get more sales. Shopify has plans that enable you to include discount codes for your audiences.
  • Allows SEO Optimisation: The power of SEO cannot be denied when it comes to online marketing. SEO enables you to target the right audiences at the right time around the globe. Shopify has SEO features and customised keyword features that help you optimise your content, to enhance the growth of your business.
  • HTML & CSS Editing: This feature gives you a wide scope in designing your store on the Shopify platform. With a lot of platforms, you can only use the set templates and themes; but with this feature on Shopify, you can make changes in the theme codes and change the appearance of your online store. All you need to do is hire a Shopify expert who understands your needs and makes the relevant changes.
  • Integration of Shipping Carriers: Delivering your products to your customers on time is a critical part of an online business and makes a huge big impact on its overall image. A lot of businesses on various E-commerce platforms have to spend time and money collaborating with shipping carriers.

But with Shopify, you do not have to worry about it at all. A number of Shipper Carriers like FedEx, UPS, Canada Post etc are integrated with  Shopify to ensure your products reach your customers on time.


Shopify has been considered a user-friendly platform both for customers and businesses. The number of businesses on Shopify has almost doubled after the pandemic. With over 6000 applications, it gives you a huge scope to expand and grow your business online.

With the help of a certified Shopify expert, you can build an online store with the best features that target your audiences and yield maximum benefits.  Shopify experts at WillShall can help you with their knowledge and experience and help your business grow on this amazing platform. 

Join the finest Consultant for getting the best results.

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