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You might have heard people talking about the marriage biodata or asking for one during the matchmaking process. But do you know the significance of biodata? Why is marriage biodata mandatory and how does its absence affect matchmaking? Confused? Well, we will answer all these questions in this article and tell you the importance of biodata for marriage along with its format. Keep reading to follow!

A renowned divorce lawyer in Delhi has recently spoken about the increase in divorce cases in India. Infact, it typically hyped during the pandemic period when people were bound to live together most of the time. Apart from that, the growing self-dependency of women is one of the major causes of separation as they were the subjugated ones previously. However, the inclusion of marriage biodata in the matchmaking process makes the entire task a lot more transparent and easy. Wondering, how? We will discuss the same in further paragraphs. 

What is a Marriage Biodata?

Just to revise your memory, a marriage biodata is a written document of a person’s identity to fuel his/her matching process. It is the same as the job resume, however, the only difference is that the purpose of the job resume is to find a better career opportunity while wedding biodata helps you find an ideal partner for marriage. The more your wedding biodata is impressive the more are the chances of getting a perfect spouse for yourself. 

The key highlights of a wedding biodata is your family details, current occupation, caste and Gotra. Although there are many other crucial factors, your potential spouses will more likely focus on these details. Now, let’s look further on the significance of the marriage biodata format!

Importance of Marriage Biodata

Your wedding biodata is crucial in multiple ways. Apart from establishing identity, it also works as a written proof of all the claims of the opposite party. Read further to know more.

  • Ease the listing Process

There are usually a number of potential life partners for a person. Most of them will appear similar to you or you might get confused on whom to choose. The only option we have without a Biodata is to select on the basis of their looks. The maximum you can do is to search them on social media and stalk the profile for a few days or month. But a written document about a person’s background will give you a comprehensive angle on their personality and better screening process. 

  • Maximum Information

A marriage biodata is not just about a person’s background but carries all his/her detail like family background, job details, caste, qualifications, siblings, gotra, Nakshatra, marital status, etc. so, you do not have to look for any other sources once you get a wedding biodata of a person. It will come with all details on a single document. 

Points to Remember While Making Marriage Biodata

Till now, you might have understood why a marriage biodata is necessary. But do you know there are some of the common mistakes which people need to avoid while making one? Go through these points to ensure that you are listing all the necessary information properly in your marriage biodata format!

  • Incorrect Marriage Biodata Format

One of the most common mistakes in marriage biodata is an incorrect format. Now, you might be wondering how the role of format is so imperative when you are anyway including all details. This is where the marriage biodata format pops up!

It is quite possible to forget some necessary information or miss on a few points when you do not follow the format for something. Apart from that, you might think that a certain point is not so mandatory to be included. But it might be of larger significance to the opposite party. A proper biodata format makes sure that everything goes in order and in details.

  • Photographs

Photographs enhance the value of your marriage biodata in two folds. Proper photographs will make it more catchy, impressive and worth a consideration. However, you need to remember a few points while attaching your photographs in a marriage biodata.

  • Include 3-4 recent photographs
  • Do not use blurry or unclear pictures
  • Proper background and lighting is necessary in your photographs
  • Do not use picture of yourself where you are smoking or drinking
  • Add both a headshot and full body image

Ideal Marriage Biodata Format

The ideal marriage biodata format goes in the following order;

Muskan Choudhary

  • Date of birth
  • Time of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Raashi
  • Nakshatra 
  • Height
  • Religion
  • Caste
  • Subcaste
  • Gotra
  • Manglik
  • Education
  • College Name
  • Employed in
  • Organization Name
  • Annual income

Family Details

  • Father’s name
  • Father’s occupation
  • Mother’s name
  • Mother’s occupation
  • Total brothers
  • Total sisters
  • Married brothers
  • Married sisters
  • Sibling’s occupation

Contact Details

  • Contact number
  • Address 

So, here we sum up pretty much all the necessary details regarding a marriage biodata. Hope this article helps and you will remember these crucial points while making one!

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