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You are thinking to go with the minimalistic mehndi design for your marriage but afraid if it’s the right choice? Well, there is a Big Green Flag from us! 

Minimalistic mehndi design is one of the prominent choices among the millennial brides. Most women confidently choose the idea for their wedding while many are intimidated by the people’s expert comments. Well, the sole purpose of this article is to tell you all the good points about opting for minimalistic mehndi design. So, if you are still struggling to convince people around you to go with your choice, here is an entire list of valid arguments for you. Keep reading to know why your choice is the perfect one!

Minimalistic Mehendi Design is ‘The Trend Today’

Leave everything behind. Let’s enlighten people about the ‘most talked about’ wedding these days. Yes, we are talking about the most wonderful, Sid and Kiara’s wedding! Did you notice Kiara’s mehndi design? She chose the simple Mandala art design for both her front and backhand. Forget about the mehndi design. Everything about standard weddings these days is minimalist. 

Most brides these days chuck the heavy loud colors, makeup and designs for marriage. Instead, they choose to go with light, pastel colors with minimalistic touch-up and mehndi design for hands. However, there is no wrong with going old school and traditional patterns for your mehndi. But the idea is to go with whatever you see fit for you and your personality. Moreover, minimal mehndi patterns have that aesthetic touch in their design which most millennials crave for, today!

Less Exhausting

Most Indian weddings sucks 100% of your energy and get highly exhausting towards the end. The large, intricated patterns in the bridal mehndi designs will surely add to it. Brides have multiple things to decide and do before their wedding. But their hands get stuck with the intricated designs on their palms. It becomes difficult to even move the hands or other parts of their body while applying the henna. But there are no such problems in the minimalistic mehndi designs. The minimalistics mehndi patterns like the Mandala art or Arabic mehndi are easy to apply and hardly take 10-15 minutes for the professionals to get done with it. Moreover, the less intricate patterns dry quickly and you are free to help your parents in the wedding preparations, deciding your looks, etc. Also, not all brides have this never-ending patience to sit for long mehndi designs for hours.

Showcases Your Personality

Our body language and styling is a total depiction of our personality among people. Also, your style statement and the way you present yourself anywhere is what sets you apart from the many. So, why let others define your personality by giving them the control to decide your look?

Thus, if you feel, minimalistic mehndi design should be in your list for bridal makeup, go for it! Letting others decide for the small things about you is the beginning of over-shadowing yourself and losing confidence. Moreover, the minimalistic mehendi design is so in trend and is opted by the most stunning brides these days. It will also go with your requirement for aesthetic and simple. However, make sure that you choose your minimalist mehndi design beforehand to avoid any last minute confusions.

Money-saving Approach

Weddings are already an expensive affair. So, why not save some money and spend it on something else, like things that matter more to you? Most mehndi designers will charge a minimum of INR 5000-8000 for the full hand bridal mehndi. However, you do not require any such designers if you opt for minimalistic mehndi design for your wedding. So, you can easily save 5-10k over an unnecessary expense when you go for a minimal mehndi look. Now, make a list of every small-significant shopping you can do with this saved budget and enrich your look a little extra in a way you want it!

So, these are some of the primary reasons why you should go with the minimalistic mehndi design for your wedding. More than anything, it is crucial how you like it and what you think of yourself while getting all dolled-up for your wedding!

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