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Newark, Essex County, is a beautiful city and port on the west bank of the Passaic River and Newark Bay. Newark, Known as The Gateway City, takes you to a wonderland known for its museums, theatres, rich culture, and historical monuments. Visitors who are avid performing arts worshippers must visit Newark once in a lifetime. It is also known as the beer city of the United States.

Visitors can get great deals using Spirit airlines group travel and reach directly to the Newark Liberty International Airport with Spirit Airlines. It welcomes tourists with open hands and the fragrance of cherry blossom. The city reflects its rich cultural diversity and history with its architectural wonders are enough to awe-inspire you.

Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Newark

  1. Newark Museum

Every place in this World has a history to tell and a mystery to reveal. The best spot to start your Newark journey could be no other than Newark Museum. It is the largest Museum in New Jersey and has a plethora of global arts and natural sciences. The museum has a collection of decorative artworks, and its Tibetan collection is one of the best in the World.

It is a must-visit place to explore with family and friends and witness an inspiring journey. The museum is home to 80 galleries of World-class collections and takes you on a beautiful universal ride to the stars through its famous Planetarium. There is a gorgeous Sculpture garden on the museum premises.

  • Riverfront Park

Essex County Riverfront Park is a waterfront park facing the Passaic River. It is an inviting place that offers many relaxing activities, such as Zumba and Yoga classes, to engage people. It is on Bill Street and a great site to explore with friends, family, and your partner.

Taking a leisure walk along with water in the park and admiring the beauty of the landscape is fulfilling. The park aims to connect people with the River and promote physical health and environmental awareness; likewise, spirit airlines group booking makes air travel affordable and budget-friendly.

  • Military Park

Military Park is a lush green space to enjoy a perfect outing with family. Do you know how it got its name? The triangular park was a training field for soldiers during the French and Indian war. This training ground has transformed into a popular lunchtime spot.

The park has different sections for different activities. On one side, you can see a meditation area for Yoga and Tai Chi. On the other side, there is a children’s garden whispering stories. You can also listen to interesting stories using the Spirit airlines Reservations Window.

  • Cherry Blossom festival

Bench Brook Park in Newark spreads fragrance and love throughout the whole city. It is home to the United States’ most extensive flowering Cherry Blossom trees. Every Year, it organizes a Cherry Blossom festival that attracts people from all over the World.

Standing on a sylvan path in the shade with tall cherry blossom trees, you can witness the endless beauty of the pink flowers. Bench Brook Park is a heavenly paradise on earth for nature enthusiasts. If you have heard about this first time, then it is a must-visit place to witness what it holds. 

  • Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart

The Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart is the largest cathedral in North America. The old and magnificent architecture of Cathedral Basilica sits on a hill and is visible from most of Newark. The intricate design and architecture will leave you wonderstruck. Spirit Airlines Ticket booking recommends this gem of a church, an explore-worthy destination on your Newark trip.

What’s more!

Newark is a new and unique experience from New York (sounds similar, but completely different). Spirit Airlines offers budget-friendly tickets to this gem of a destination. So, why are you waiting?  

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