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Want to experience Toronto like a true local? If so, you should check out all the unique activities to do in Toronto.

And happen to know all the cool, non-touristy activities to do in Toronto.

After all, not only have I visited many times, but I also have many friends who live there. As a result, they’ve taken me under their care and shown me around Toronto’s best attractions.

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1. Kensington Market

Think bright and artistic, because that’s what you’ll find at Kensington Market. That’s also why it’s close to some of Toronto’s finest boutique hotels. Kensington, located between College and Dundas in the heart of downtown Toronto, is one of the most unique places to explore in the city! Kensington Market, one of Toronto’s most vibrant neighborhoods, is for its eclectic vibe! The Garden Car, but, is a piece of incredible public art in the neighbourhood that is very iconic in Kensington Market!

2. Museum of Illusions

This metropolis is brimming with amazing museums. Among the most famous are the Royal Ontario Museum, the Bata Shoe Museum, and the Hockey Hall of Fame. But, there are a few odd museums that should be to everyone’s list of unusual activities to do in Toronto! The Museum of Illusions is one of Toronto’s hidden treasures. So, put your logic abilities to the test with their logic games and your balance with their Vortex tunnel! Check out other amusing spaces, such as titled rooms that make you doubt gravity and size.

3. The Monkey’s Paw

The Monkey’s Paw is another unusual Toronto discovery. This is because this massive bookstore offers uncommon and unusual books, as well as other strange oddities. Book lovers will swoon over the eclectic blend of 20th-century books available here that are difficult to find elsewhere. Also, the owner, Stephen Fowler, has an unusual method of categorising the books. Books are into four categories: absurd, macabre, lovely, and arcane. This selling machine, dubbed the Biblio-Mat, is the first of its kind! If you have the proper five-dollar token, it will dispense vintage books at random.

4. SkullStore Oddity Shop

If you’re into dinosaurs or macabre, you need to add SkullStore Oddity Shop to your list of strange places to explore in Toronto! After all, this is one of Toronto’s most unusual things to do, situated within the free Prehistoria Museum. And this strange gift shop is Canada’s biggest oddity shop and natural history store! So, peruse a collection of ghoulish skulls, taxidermied items, fossils, and old artefacts to see if you can find a Canadian souvenir. Yes, this is the best shopping experience!

5. Graffiti Alley

Most people dislike wandering around back alleyways when they journey. When searching for unique things to do in Toronto, you should add Graffiti Alley to your list! Graffiti Alley, for example, is a three-block-long alleyway that is completely covered in street art. The alley stretches from Portland Street to Spadina Avenue and is south of Queen Street West. Graffiti Alley, also known as Rush Lane, is one of Toronto’s strangest sights. And, like any other back alleyway in the globe, there are bags of trash, garbage bins, and other unsavoury items. But, it all contributes to the gritty atmosphere.

6. Underpass Park

Underpass Park is one of the most unusual activities to do in Toronto. Underpass Park is beneath Eastern Avenue in the city’s east end. Brace yourself because there is no conventional parkland or green area in this urban park. Instead, its trees serve as the concrete supports that support the overpass. But, many traditional park elements remain, such as a basketball court, a jungle gym, and skateboard ramps. Also, much of the concrete here is in some of Toronto’s finest street art! Indeed, some murals are locals and portray them as pillars of the community, holding up the street above.

7. Trinity Bellwoods Park

Trinity Bellwoods Park is another great spot to visit on Queen Street West in Toronto! After all, the grand entrances of this park are impossible to overlook. Also, the park was on the site of the former Trinity College. While the gates are the only remnants of the college, this 38-acre park is now a favourite hangout for locals. In reality, the park hosts a summer farmer’s market, tennis courts, and an off-leash dog park. Also, in the spring, Trinity Bellwoods Park is one of the best locations in the city to see cherry blossom trees! You’ll also appreciate how most of the trees are so that you can get a shot with the CN Tower in the backdrop.

8. The Yorkville Rock

During the Toronto International Film Festival, many A-list celebrities visit the Yorkville neighbourhood’s high-end boutiques, posh restaurants, and swanky hotels. This sleek section of town, but, is also home to a massive rock weighing well over 650 tonnes! You may be wondering why there is a massive rock in the centre of this posh neighbourhood. The Yorkville Rock is part of a group of features in the Village of Yorkville Park that reflect the diverse Canadian landscape. 

9. CN Tower Edgewalk

The CN Tower dominates the city skyline and offers some of the finest views in Toronto. It was once the tallest free-standing structure in the world, but it should still be at the top of your list if you’re searching for cool things to do in Toronto! The EdgeWalk, But, is one of the most unique attractions at the CN Tower. EdgeWalk is for you if you want to put your adventurous soul and heart to the test!

10. Leslieville’s Crazy Doll House

The Crazy Doll House is without a question one of the most unique Toronto attractions! This house has an unusual garden and is on a residential block in the city’s Leslieville neighbourhood. This location is also known as the Tchotchke House. Instead of flowering shrubs and rows of roses, you’ll find dolls in the front yard! Yes, the entire yard is piled high with hundreds of toys such as Barbies, action figures, and stuffed animals. It appears as if a child’s toy box exploded all over the place! 

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