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Mumbai the capital city of Maharashtra has a lot to offer and one such attraction is Canada PR consultant in Mumbai. The hub of dreams and aspirations, Mumbai is a “city that sleeps never. It is renowned for its modern lifestyle, advanced infrastructure, Bollywood, and tons of opportunities.

The people of Mumbai are no less charmed by the “Land of Maple Leaf”. Thousands of individuals apply for Canada PR Visa from the city alone every year. The lifestyle quality of the nation, booming economy, and serene ambiance motivate ambitious people to migrate to the nation in North America with Permanent Resident status.

The teams of professionals who help aspirants in realizing their dream to immigrate to Canada are known as Immigration Consultants.

Nationwide Visas is the premier consultancy amongst the authorized Canada Immigration Consultants in Mumbai. We have a license from the CICC – College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants for working with Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship CA. CICC was earlier the ICCRC.

Canada Immigration Consultant

An Immigration Consultant also referred to as an Immigration Specialist is an expert who assists people to migrate to Canada from Mumbai lawfully. It could be for work, studies, business, or vacation.

The majority of them registered with the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants in Canada or the Quebec Chambre des notaires du. It is an authorized regulatory agency that safeguards the interests of immigrants.

The benefits of Canada Immigration Consultants in Mumbai

Some of the advantages that you can get by opting to avail of the services of Immigration Consultants are:

1· Very significant assistance to select the best program for immigration to Canada

2· Eased communication with the immigration authorities

3· Guarantee of submitting a complete application for a Canada PR Visa

4· Total safety of professional and personal details

5· Competent voice if in case the application for Visa is rejected

6· Save valuable time as well as money

7· Assistance with documentation

8· Profound experience and knowledge

9· Your interests are best served

10· Timely follow-up with the Immigration authorities

Immigration from Mumbai to Canada

The fundamental prerequisite is to first choose the reason for your immigration to Canada based on the requirements. You can select from several categories of Canada Visas such as PR Visa, Student Visa, Investment Visa, Business Visa, Entrepreneur Visa, Tourist Visa, etc.

After deciding the purpose of your immigration, you can contact an Immigration Consultant for CA. While opting for consultation with Immigration Expert is not compulsory, it accelerates the process of your Canada Visa application. Specifically, it is beneficial for those for whom time is a luxury.

Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada is the authority that decides the approval or refusal of immigration applications to CA. The selection is done through regular draws held under Express Entry System. This is an immigration application management system for PR Visa and candidates are selected based on diverse selection factors.

The first step is to create a profile in Express Entry and submit an EOI – Expression of Interest. The eligible candidates are then entered into the Express Entry Pool. They are here assessed according to the CRS – Comprehensive Ranking System. CRS is a digital point calculator.

Services offered by Canada Immigration Consultants for PR Process

Immigration Consultants have a significant role in the application process. They offer exhaustive services inclusive of but not limited to:

1· Assisting immigrants in choosing the correct Visa stream

2· Training applicants for the Visa interview

3· Assistance in application for Visa and collating necessary documents

4· Proofreading the Visa application to ensure compliance with policies, and documentation and avoid errors

5· Assisting in the process of receiving the Police Clearance and Medical Certificate

6· Taking regular follow-ups with IRCC regarding your application and updating your regularly

Identifying the Best Immigration Consultant in Mumbai

When seeking the best option for immigration to Canada, it is always a competitive edge to work with a good immigration consultant. The most crucial factor to be considered here is their track record.

Today several reviews are posted both offline and online. These are authentic reviews that help you in understanding the immigration consultant’s quality and reliability. You can also seek references from your friends and family if possible.

Surfing Google is one vital means for finding a good Immigration Consultancy in Mumbai. You can rely on them 100% if they are registered with the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants.

Nationwide Visas is among the leading CICC-authorized Canada Immigration Consultancy in Mumbai. We guide and assist several thousands of prospective immigrants to move to Canada from Mumbai every year. Our Immigration Experts offer them a thorough profile evaluation and seamless immigration strategy in the selection of the most suitable pathway for moving to CA.

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