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What exactly is Live Edge We often receive inquiries regarding this crucial characteristic that we offer on Our Teak as well as Suar hardwood slabs. It can use in conjunction with the Natural Edge it’s the basis of natural and rustic interior design in relation to furniture made of wood.

With Live Edge, the original nature of the tree bark such as the bumps, curves, and grooves on corners of the slab – remains on the furniture. This is the reason it gets its name. In Live Edge, the woodcrafter tries to integrate into the slab’s “living edge”, retaining the natural beauty of the forest and trees.

If you are hearing the definition of woodwork near me Live Edge without actually seeing an example, it might appear to be a signal for a shutdown. The bark of trees sure can sound rough. Are people prone to splinters and bruises when they bump into these things? Additionally, wouldn’t an unsymmetrical and uneven desk appear unappealing? It’s true that nothing is other the fact.

Standing Desk

The natural lines of Live Edge furniture look more delicate than they sound and the finished piece is soft to the sensation. Although aesthetics are a subjective thing we’re also a decade-old interior design company and we can state without hesitation the Live Edge design features look superior – more sophisticated, and refine – than standard furniture.

Live Edge is harder to make than the typical straight edge used in furniture. It’s easier for woodcrafters to cut off the edges in a uniform manner to create desired designs. Also, you need bigger slabs to accommodate the “live” edges of the tree. However, it’s simpler and less expensive to join small pieces of timber together to form furniture designs. That’s the reason Live Edge wood furniture typically is price at a higher level.

The way these grooves and curv wood bowls appear is dependent on the particular slab you pick. In our examples that some slabs have two large curves. Other slabs have a lot of grooves, but less along the edges. That’s why selecting the perfect slab of wood is a crucial aspect of your purchase. The purchase isn’t just about furniture, you’re trying to choose a slab that is the one and only slab that has unique designs and grooves.

Great design

Some people prefer cutting Live Edges from their Teak as well as Suar slabs It’s okay because great design is an individual preference. However, if you’re considering selling your Live Edges in exchange for more uniformity be aware that it could alter the worth of your furniture. It’s not something you’ll have to think about at the moment however, solid woods of high-quality such as Teak or Suar are known for being durable for an extend period of time, enough to pass through to future generations.

Whatever your preference for wood slabs is, we’ll be happy to assist you with this process. Get in touch to see some samples of wood to see what’s available. You can also get us to recommend a slab in case you’re not familiar with ‘wood shopping’

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