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Website development is essential for businesses of all sizes and types, regardless of their value position. The use of high-tech and specialized solutions is necessary to achieve this level of proficiency. Fortunately, several tools can make the process of creating web applications easier, one of them is Laravel. 

In the web development community, Laravel is one of the most popular frameworks with 72.1k stars on GitHub.

Approximately 1,672,117 websites on the Internet are developed using Laravel. Invoice Ninja, Alison, MyRank, and others are some of the most popular websites built with Laravel.

When you build a website with Laravel, learning about the best Laravel tools helps you to complete the project quickly.

The purpose of this blog is to introduce you to the powerful tools that help you construct efficient applications simultaneously using Laravel.

So, let’s get started. 

What is Laravel and What are the Benefits of Using It?

Put simply, 

Laravel is a web development framework powered by PHP that makes it possible for web applications to be built in a minimalist and elegant style. Without sacrificing functionality, Laravel strives to make the development process enjoyable for developers.

The main benefit of Laravel is that it adds features from PHP frameworks such as CodeIgniter and Yii, as well as other programming languages like Ruby on Rails. Laravel provides various features that will significantly accelerate website development.

 By learning Core PHP and Advanced PHP, Laravel can give you an edge when it comes to developing websites from scratch. A website designed with Laravel also has a strong security system that prevents several attacks on the website.

The Laravel framework enables the development of well-structured, scalable web applications.

Best Laravel Tools For Your Web Development Needs

Let’s explore our compiled list of the best Laravel web development tools:

1. PHPStorm

PHPStorm is one of the best development IDEs for the Laravel framework. Debugging, unit testing and safe refactoring are all easy with this well-designed, smart refactoring tool. Furthermore, it’s an effective PHP code formatter.

This IDE helps developers debug codes faster and perform continuously, so they can be more productive.

PHPStorm natively supports the Laravel artisan command-line tool. Meaning, web developers can execute artisan commands directly from their IDE, which saves time.

2. Laravel Backup

The Laravel Backup tool is another must-have for Laravel developers. Your app backup worries are over thanks to this package that creates backups in multiple file systems at the same time. Furthermore, you will receive a zip file containing all files from the specified directories, including the dump file.

Laravel Backup’s ability to back up any file system is one of its greatest advantages. Additionally, you will be notified via Email, Slack, or any other notification system if something goes wrong with the backup. 

3. Bitbucket

BitBucket and GitHub are the two most popular Git services. However, they differ in some ways despite providing similar functions. BitBucket is a great choice for small businesses developing Laravel-based projects.

BitBucket is a good choice for those who require private repositories, with relatively few collaborators. 

In BitBucket’s free plan, you can collaborate with up to five other people, but you can access private repositories without restrictions. 

4. Entrust

Entrust is one of the best Laravel tools for implementing authentication and authorization. Automatic backups of databases, the creation of SSL certificates, and SSH keys are some of the major functions of this tool.

A variety of industries, including financial, healthcare, and government, can utilize its secure-first websites, web applications, and software.

5. Laravel Debugbar

A significant advantage of Laravel is its ability to debug applications, and Laravel Debugbar extends this capability. With its many features and ease of use, it is the best tool to debug your Laravel applications. 

Debugbar offers developers a wealth of options and lets them view all the queries offered by their application. Additionally, it displays all the parameters passed to the application and all the rendered templates. 

6. Laravel Socialite

With Socialite, the authentication process for OAuth is simple and hassle-free. This allows developers to create a convenient login process that makes it easy for users to log in using Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Google, Bitbucket, and others. 

This tool allows developers to manage signups and logins easily and efficiently. For social media channels, boilerplate authentication codes are also provided by Socialite. 

7. Laravel Vapor

It is a great deployment tool for Laravel web applications that you should add to your toolbox.  It is an automated and serverless platform that excels at the deployment of PHP frameworks like Laravel. DNS and assets are managed with ease using this serverless and autoscaling deployment platform.

Furthermore, this tool makes it easy to scale and manage your databases. With this tool, you can create software deployments that are scalable in both database and storage terms.

8. Laravel Forge

Laravel Forge tool is an excellent tool to automate the deployment of your web application using PHP services. User-friendly and efficient server management is one of the significant advantages of this tool.

Security by default, free SSL certificates, and database backups that install SSL certificates quickly are among its impressive features.

9. Laravel Thinker

Laravel Tinker is a tool that simplifies database interaction with PHP artisans without the need for routes. Laravel applications can be accessed through command-line interaction without having to be run. Among Tinker’s many functions are creating objects, inserting and modifying data, and so on.

10. Migration

Laravel migration is a great tool, it redefines how you handle databases during web development. Without requiring any SQL knowledge, you can create tables and columns for databases thanks to Migration. Additionally, you can modify the schema of an app’s database and its columns and tables.

The Migration tool includes a schema builder that lets you create the database schema for your website easily.

Final Take

The Laravel framework simplifies, speeds up, and makes development easy. It simplifies the process of developing high-performance web applications using the lightweight framework.  Apart from its own strengths, the Laravel ecosystem contains some of the most useful Laravel tools, packages, and resources to boost developers’ productivity. 

Finally, you should take your project requirements into account when choosing the best Larvel tool. By using these tools, you can perform functional and other common tasks faster and more effectively.

Do you want to develop an application using Laravel? Get in touch with our experts and we’ll be able to help you harness the power of Laravel for your project.

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