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Just like Facebook, Instagram leads a story of all its preferences to which users have access to the Instagram app. Few users know this useful function because it is hidden somewhere in the settings. The possibility to gain real Instagram likes is useful if you want to check photos and videos that you like. It is also a quick way to find certain contributions that you liked in the past without remembering it and looking for a certain contribution manually. Instagram states that they only see that the 300 youngest contributions can see. here you go. However, you cannot see anyone for data protection reasons in Instagram likes.

Now let’s see how you can like Instagram 2022 for iPhone and Android. The latest update as in addition to the items of the search on Instagram 2023 has been completely changed. If you use the latest version of Instagram and have the new update to increase a lot of Instagram followers, likes and views, you can see what you liked on Instagram 2023. 

How you look at contributions that you liked on Instagram

You cannot see everything you recently enjoyed on Instagram. However, you can display the 300 to load message by gaining access to your account settings in the Instagram app. The steps to find likes are almost the same on the iPhone and Android, but the user interface can differ somewhat from telephone to telephone. To show Instagram like:

  • Start the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android device.
  • Tap the account symbol in the right corner. Tap the Hamburg menu in the top right corner on the account side.
  • Select your activity in the menu below on the screen.
  • If the menu of your activity is displayed, click Interactions in the list. 5. Then tap the option of the same in the menu.
  •  Your last 300 likes will be displayed on the next screen.
  • Simply tap one of the miniatures to fully display a contribution of the feed of a user.

You will find recent Instagram Post

Open the Instagram app and register in your account. Then follow the following steps to find a list of the previously loved contributions.

  • Click on your profile symbol in the top right corner.
  • Right -click on the symbolize (three lines) in the top corner.
  • Remove your activity.
  • Select Interactions.
  • Touch please open the current likes screen. Likes from the newest to the oldest are displayed as standard.
  • I scroll down to display older likes, or click on sorting and filter to give up a date area or sort from the oldest to the newest.

How you can see Instagram like on the iPhone

First you must install and register the app on your iPhone to display Instagram -likes. Steps to see what you like:

  • Click on the “Profile symbol” in the right corner.
  • Click on the “Three Horizontal Lines” in the top right corner.
  • Select your activity in the settings options of yours Activity menu, tap interactions.

Choose from the interactions menu. If you remember the username of the person who has written the contribution to which you want to return, you can search for the username in the search bar, open the profile and scroll until you find the message. Depending on your activity level, this can take days or years. This option is useful if a contribution with Likes exceeds the 300 limit.

How can I see my Instagram likes on my computer?

Fortunately, the Instagram web version now offers the opportunity to display articles that they liked on Instagram on PC or Desktop. This is great because you can see Instagram Like directly on your computer. To do this

  • visit in a browser on a Mac or Windows PC and register in your account.
  • Click on the “More” menu at the bottom left of the sidebar at the bottom left.
  • Select “Your activity”. Click on Interactions> Do you want to see all your Instagram likes and roles in one place.

Likes are displayed as standard by the newest to the oldest, but you can sort and filter the content. You can also select and reject different messages with likes of your computer at the same time.

How you can see Instagram like in the Android

Shortly after the start of Instagram for the iPhone, an Android version followed. Once you have downloaded and registered the app, the steps to display articles that you like almost the same as on the iPhone.

  • Tap the profile symbol in the right corner.
  •  Click on “Three Horizontal Lines” (Settings) in the top right corner.
  • Select “Your activity” in the Settings menu.
  • Tap interactions.
  • Select as in the interactions menu.

All contributions that you recently liked (until the last 300). Click on one of them to display or ignore the message. Keep in mind that you can only display the last 300 messages. Use the search field to find previous contributions that you like, but must remember who you or the topics posted.

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