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Bollywood weddings fascinate you? Then you must go through these Bollywood shaadi trends to plan your Kumhar matrimonial wedding!

The weddings of Bollywood are no more like how it used to be before. Instead of just a private affair it has grown into a big publicity stunt and all about bringing and setting new trends. Many Bollywood celebs even sell the copyright of their wedding pictures and videos to a particular channel or platform and make money. No wonder, their weddings look all grand and dreamy. Most couples want to manifest the same grandness in their Kumhar matrimonial marriage. Although you cannot copy each of their trends. But here are a few pocket friendly and amazing ideas you can pick from Bollywood to make your Kumhar matrimonial event dreamlike!

Choose Unique but Grand Outfit

Be it Bollywood or no Bollywood, outfit obviously plays a significant role in weddings. A right outfit can totally accentuate your features and make you fall in love with yourself before anyone else!

So, here is a twist. Instead of copying any Bollywood Shaadi lehenga and sherwani, try choosing your own. The first rule of setting a trend is of course ‘Not Following’ it! So, visit some nearby fabric shops, manifest yourself in 2-3 pretty lehengas or fabric you like and then add borders or stones to make the overall look more stunning. Once you are ready with your fabric, pick a matching or contrast color for your partner as well. Shop for everything like jewelry, footwear, hair and makeup accessories, etc to complete the whole look. 

Hire a Professional Photographer

Along with how you look and carry yourself, photography is of immense value to make your Kumhar matrimonial wedding a success! Otherwise, imagine planting everything perfectly but you do not have enough photographs or none of the pictures came good. It will feel like a pure disaster, right? 

So, make sure you connect with an experienced and professional photographer in town. You can check the work of that photographer on his page or ask him to send samples. His effectiveness can also be determined through the ratings and reviews. Kumhar matrimonial couples can also choose their photographers from matrimony websites like Betterhalf. The website typically serves everything related to weddings.

FYI Decor Ideas

We know the typical Bollywood wedding decoration can cost a bomb to general people. But lights and decor are the main ingredient to make your event look heavenly. So, if you are also looking for a grand backdrop and amazing ambience, go for DIY decor ideas. It is both cost effective and easily available even during super busy times of the year. 

However, plan your decoration carefully. The ambience shall go with all your bridal attires and makeup. For instance, most royal families are now using light shades and pastel colors to decorate both the venue and themselves. So, if you want darker shades make sure to do it with grace and subtlety. Your wedding ritual attires and background should blend to make your pictures look straight out of a Bollywood shaadi. 

Couple Entry Song

A suitable couple entry song is a ‘Must’ to give your Kumhar matrimonial wedding a Bollywood touch. But this whole idea is not as random as it’s said. The Kumhar bride and the groom have to do a lot of brainstorming and preparation before performing on their wedding entry song. For instance;

  • You have to choose the song which best suits your story and resonate with the emotions at the altar
  • It should be a fun song as well so you do not have to put extra efforts to prepare the performance
  • Check if the dates are aligned with the professional wedding choreographer around you. Etc.

A Dress Code for Guests

Most Bollywood and Royal weddings these days have a dress code for everyone. You can do the same at your Kumhar matrimonial event. Decide a dress code for your guests and print the same in your wedding invitation card. For instance, if your wedding is at night you can ask people to dress up in something blingy and glittery. It will add glamor to your wedding night and people will love getting clicked while adding 

Also, make sure that the wedding dress of you and your partner are in a little contrast with what the guests are wearing. The bride and the groom should look whole different and unique than the rest of the people present at the wedding. It will automatically give you the celebrity feels among everyone else.

So, these are some of the best options to make your wedding Bollywood alike and all dreamy. However, you can add many other points like planting some props in the garden for better pictures, decorating the aisle, etc.

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