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Choice Home Warranty operates across 48 states, but Californian homeowners must purchase coverage through its partnership with Home Service Club of California.

As with other home warranty companies, Choice Home Warranties contracts provide maximum coverage of up to $3,000 for any appliance or system purchased – an amount which might prove too restrictive for certain buyers, particularly with older appliances.


Home warranties provide an economical way of protecting your appliances and systems from unexpected breakdowns, with coverage plans to meet all of your needs and optional add-ons that meet specific criteria. Prices of warranties will depend on factors like location and property features.

Customers of Choice Home Warranty George Foreman can request a quote either through their online portal or customer service department. The website will collect basic information, such as name and address, to create a customized estimate of costs – but this won’t appear instantly.

Choice Home Warranty also charges an $85 service fee when filing a claim, which may seem excessive; however, according to their explanation it helps safeguard against bad repairmen and fraudsters while being part of your annual premium payment – plus cancelling is easy if it turns out not being suitable.


Choice Home Warranty stands out from its peers by offering fairly standard coverage options, rates, and workmanship guarantees; but what sets this company apart is their commitment to exceptional customer service; their 24/7 staffed customer service line offers quick response time when service requests have been submitted and representatives tend to respond very promptly when customers submit them.

This company also offers additional coverage terms, such as second refrigerator and freezer coverage, septic tank/sump pump coverage, sprinkler system coverage and second-fridge/freezer coverage; however, home services like gutter or carpet cleaning do not fall within this list of add-on coverage options.

Choice’s website is straightforward to navigate, though finding information on specific policy details such as service fee limits or coverage exclusions may prove challenging. Luckily, they offer discounts for new and returning customers alike – for instance customers paying annual policies in one lump sum can avoid paying monthly service fees and get one month free coverage!

Customer service

Choice Home Warranty stands by its customers with 24/7 support through an accessible customer service line and workmanship guarantees for repairs completed by its network of contractors; however, homeowners must pay a service fee each time they file a claim.

Choice Home Warranty stands out among the competition with its exceptional customer service, its customer representatives being quick to respond and resolve issues swiftly. Furthermore, their knowledge about their policies and coverage options makes a real difference to homeowners.

Customers can request service online or over the phone from Choice Home Warranty, who will dispatch one of their pre-vetted technicians from its network to assess and provide an estimate for repair work at their home. The initial visit costs $85 and is non-refundable, which may be inflexible for some homeowners.

Claims process

CHW connects customers with local service professionals in order to schedule repairs on covered appliances and systems, with home warranty specialists available to assess a problem before providing an estimated repair or replacement price estimate. Unfortunately, CHW does not cover cosmetic repairs caused by accidents, theft, or natural disasters; for these types of damages they should purchase homeowners insurance instead.

CHW’s online quote tool is also simplistic and lacks comparison tables and pricing transparency; customers will have to read their user agreement in order to identify relevant policy details. In addition, customers can add services options without seeing pricing until reaching the purchase screen.

Choice Home Warranty is an ideal solution for homeowners in search of an all-encompassing home warranty plan. Rated B by the Better Business Bureau and with an outstanding response rate to customer complaints, the company also provides additional add-ons such as water heater protection; unfortunately it doesn’t cover alternative energy systems like solar or geothermal panels though.

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