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When applying for a credit card, there are several requirements one must meet to qualify. One of those requirements is a stable monthly income and documents verifying the same. But what if one cannot provide income proof? Is it possible to get a credit card in that case? The answer is yes. Fortunately, there are several ways to get a credit card without income proof. The article discusses some of these ways.

What are the Scenarios that would lead to No Income Proof?

Income proof refers to a document showing monthly financial earnings. Generally, a salary slip is considered in this case. However, a self-employed person, a freelancer, or someone with an irregular income might not have a salary slip. But there are ways to overcome this situation too. Let us find out.

Getting a Credit Card Without Income Proof

Credit cards in India are not hard to get. One needs to understand the situation and pick the procedure applicable. The following are some of the best solutions practical in case of unavailability of salary slips.

I. Present an Employment Letter

One way to get a credit card is by presenting the employment letter to the financial institution. However, it is applicable only in case of new employment or job relocation. The letter indicates the potential to earn an income in the near future, and that could come in handy to increase the chances of a successful credit card application.

II. Present a Bank Account Statement Instead

Some companies and organisations will pay but will not give a pay slip. In that case, it is required to present the recent bank account statements as proof of income.

III. Present Photocopies of Cheques

Some companies and organisations pay their employees through cheques instead of providing salary slips. In that case, keeping the cheques safe is necessary. When applying for a credit card, photocopy those cheques and present the copies to the lender. These will work as income proof.

IV. Apply for a Secured Credit Card

Another way to get a credit card without income proof is by applying for a secured credit card. A Secured credit card is a type of credit card that requires to have some amount in the account to act as collateral. With this type of credit card, the credit limit will depend on the amount of savings one has in the account. 

V. Apply for a joint Credit card with Creditworthy Individual.

Applying for a joint credit card with a creditworthy individual is wise, especially if someone doesn’t have income proof. The financial record of that individual will come as an advantage to boost the chances of a successful credit card application.

Advantages of Using a Credit Card

· It allows keeping track of the expenditure

· Safe to use

· If used well, credit cards can help boost the credit score and creditworthiness,

· Credit cards come with rewards

· It enables credit purchases

· It allows receiving payments

· It makes online purchases easier


Credit cards in India are a great tool for managing expenses. The fast and convenient nature makes life easier. For that reason, everyone should have a personal credit card to maximise benefits. If one does not have proof of income, it is still possible to get a card.

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