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My beloved customers, shoppers, and saree fashionistas frequently ask me this question.

I’m Sumana, the proprietor of IndyVogue, and I’ve been writing a lot of interesting posts to share various saree tales with my audience. However, I believe I will start sharing one weekly trivia with all of my followers as of today. Yes, I will respond to the queries that our saree purchasers have the most frequently.

My customers come from a variety of backgrounds; they range from office workers to simple housewives, from newcomers who just started wearing sarees to saree influencers. And everybody has some common queries on their thoughts.

I’ll respond to a question like, “Should you store your silk sarees in a closed box?” today. How will you keep it intact for a longer period of time even if you store it in a closed box or organiser to conserve space? Therefore, let’s skip the introduction and get to the topic.

Am I keeping silk sarees properly if I do so in a box?

Sarees hold a very significant position in Indian culture. It is an old clothing that has changed with time and is possibly the last surviving unstitched old garment. Silk sarees are among the most opulent varieties of sarees. The protein fibre that makes up the silk worm cocoon’s raw material is used to produce silk yarn.

You should use strong wooden or plastic hangers to display your silk sarees. A metal or alloy should not be used since the rust on the hangers may leave stains. However, the majority of us might not have that privilege, therefore for those of you who can, you might choose to put your sarees in a box.

But are my customers wrong to keep this priceless weaving in tight boxes? Well, I would argue that you are not entirely mistaken. Although storing in closed boxes is not a terrible idea, make sure you are according to the guidelines below.

#1. Carefully wrap each saree.

Yes, that does sound somewhat tedious. However, it makes sense to store each of your silk sarees wrapped in a different cotton or muslin fabric if you have spent thousands on a silk mark certified collection.

Another option is to use soft towels. There are saree bags on the market; just make sure it’s a cotton one. Polyester bags, which are often excellent for preserving sarees made of different fibres, should be avoided. To allow the saree to breathe, prevent the zari from oxidising by reacting with air, prevent your saree from tangling with other fabrics in your closet, and keep moths away, cover your saree with a cotton or muslin cloth.

2. Refolding sometimes

Every three months, make it a point to refold your silk sarees. It won’t tear along the fold lines thanks to this procedure.

3. Occasionally let your silk sarees air out.

After wearing, air out your sarees. It may be made of any material and is not limited to your silk sarees shopping.  It may be cleaned safely with shampoo or light detergent in cold water. If you feel comfortable doing so, go ahead and wash them sometimes.

If you wash them, don’t wring them out; instead, wrap them up into a huge, fluffy towel to soak up as much water as you can. To prevent fading, hang in a shaded location. Silk dries quite quickly.

Dry cleaning is a second secure choice.

4. Make internal folds.

If the embroidery, zardozi, sequin, or mirror work on your saree is intricate, you may get a netted lining attached to protect the thread work and prevent it from being tangled. To maintain its brilliance, take careful to tuck this inside the saree’s folds as well.

#5. The ideal technique for storing

  • Use naphthalene balls to repel silverfish and moths; do not let them come into close touch with your saree as they might fade any zari embroidery.
  • Using dried neem leaves, which have anti-pest and anti-fungal qualities, is an even better choice. Try to use neem leaves.
  • To prevent fading or discoloration, store your silk saree in a cool, dark location.


I hope that clarifies all of your concerns and questions on how to store silk mark sarees. Whatever sort of silk it may be, maintaining it in the ways mentioned above can help you keep it preserved longer, even if you are storing it in a closed box.

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