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Refined academic writing skills play an important role in your success during the time you spend at your university. Whether you are writing an assignment, an essay, or a report, good writing skills are vital for effectively expressing your ideas.

ProWritingAid has both free and paid versions that let you edit your academic documents in real-time. You can fine-tune your papers in no time and get all the mistakes eliminated. Once you run your papers on this software, they will be error-free.

Let’s shed light on the importance of ProWritingAid for ensuring flawless academic writing.

How Can You Enhance Your Academic Writing Skills with ProWritingAid?

Editing a long academic document right after you finish writing it is a tedious task. Often one has to spend twice as much time editing one’s work as one spent on the writing part initially. Needless to say that it is boring and exhausting for the writer.

That is where free editing software like ProWritingAid comes into action. This software has all the necessary functionalities that can bring innovation in academic writing per your discipline. Want to refine your writing skills? Try ProWritingAid!

What Can You Expect To Get With ProWritingAid?

If you want to see how fun the editing process of an academic document with ProWritingAid is, upload a document on this software. You will see the reports bar on the top of your screen.

There you will see the main reports, giving you indicators of the following things:

● Repeated Phrases

Repeating words and phrases in your academic documents makes the reader question, “Didn’t they just discuss it a moment ago?”. If a reader faces such questions, he will slowly lose interest in your work due to repetition.

ProWritingAid highlights the repeated phrases so that you can remove them and use alternate phrases in your academic documents.

● Cliché Sentences Reports

Cliché sentences and redundancies cheapen the quality of your academic writing. ProWritingAid’s editing tool highlights such generic sentences and lets you remove them from your papers.

It is important to use cliché sentences and phrases in a limited manner if you want to ensure a formal tone in your papers.

● Abstract Words

Abstract and vague words make it difficult for the readers to understand what you are trying to express in your papers. If you have used such words in your academic documents, ProWritingAid shall make you aware of such words.

Your audience better understands your point of view when you use clear and authentic words to state your arguments.

● Overused Phrases

If you use wishy-washy phrases in your paper too often, stop doing it – it is a mistake, and you damage the quality of your work by doing so. Overused words often lead to awkward sentence construction.

Your point of view shall be clearer to the readers if you use simple and vivid words to convey your key points. It helps the audience understand your view better.

● Grammatical Errors

Grammatical mistakes, no matter how few they may be, ruin the impression of an otherwise well-written academic document. Using ProWritingAid editing software, you learn about the grammar mistakes you made in your paper.

You can also hire an academic writing service online to eliminate all types of errors and issues from your papers. Such errors affect your papers, so you must avoid them.

● Pacing Problems

When faced with this issue, users usually lose their interest while reading your papers. ProWritingAid highlights such parts of your academic writing that need changing. A helpful tip for keeping your reader hooked on your papers is to follow compelling language.

Follow key academic writing styles to learn how you can express your views to the audience more effectively. It will improve your writing style and enhance the readers’ interest.

Features of ProWritingAid

When you start using ProWritingAid for document editing, you feel the academic burden being lifted. Apart from polishing your academic writing skills, ProWritingAid also provides you with the following services:

  1. Writing style check
  2. Readability report
  3. Summary report
  4. Realtime editing

Not only this, but the free version of ProWritingAid also has 25 compelling writing reports. Open this editing software in your browser now and get started with impeccable document editing.

4 Best Functions of ProWritingAid in Academic Writing

1. Writing Style Check

The Writing Style report is one of the most comprehensive reports provided by the ProWritingAid tool. The suggestions in this report help you identify the key mistakes in your academic writing style and let you improve it.

The suggestions are synonymous with the custom instructions from a professional academic editor. You can polish your writing skills using this report.

2. Readability Report

This report provides you with the readability metrics of your uploaded document. As you improve your work using the other suggestions provided by ProWritingAid, your document’s readability will improve.

Run this test at the end of all work, i.e., after making all the necessary corrections. You will see that the readability of your document shall automatically be better than before.

3. Summary Report

The summary report provides you with the statistics in your academic writing. You will see several metrics of your written text, which will guide you on how to strengthen your writing. A personalised report is a great way to check the effectiveness of your writing.

The ProWritingAid’s editing tool tells you about the sentence length variety, abstract phrases, readability level, style, pacing, sticky sentences and much more. It helps you significantly improve your work.

4. Real-time Editing

With this feature of ProWritingAid’s editing software, you get immediate review and feedback on your work as you type. Grammar, spelling, and style issues are underlined in blue, red, and yellow colours, respectively. Hover the cursor over the highlighted text to see the suggestions.

This feature of this software comes in handy when you have a quick turnaround time for submitting your papers. Upload your file, get feedback and edit it accordingly.

Bottom Line

Now that you are aware of the best qualities and helpfulness of ProWritingAid use this software to refine your academic writing skills. You won’t need to hire another editing service to eliminate errors from your papers and fix other issues. ProWritingAid is a one-stop shop for all your problems. If you are looking for the best academic writing service online UK, The Academic Papers is the best option for you. Place your order today.

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