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As the known supplier of UK taxi fleet insurance, we aspire to assist our customers who may have a record of driving convictions. We also work with motorists who might have made an assertion or a claim against their insurance policy in the previous years or who are new to the taxi business.

To sum it up, we think about anyone who has encountered problems due to their history of convictions and claims record when it comes to finding reasonable fleet taxi coverage. We will evaluate all these factors to supply optimal insurance for your taxi fleet.

Cover Your Vehicles & benefit your fleet of taxis

We can accommodate all your needs when it comes to taxi fleet insurance. We have a team of Insurance experts who will provide you with the best policy to serve your company’s needs with the best solution. It does not matter how large the size of the fleet is that you manage, we can always adapt with an extensive number of cabs. As experts in this sector, we provide competitive quotations for public hire, private hire, and hybrid-use taxi fleet insurance.

Our customers receive complete access to a whole suite of risk assessments, which is normally free. We also give out complimentary business progression templates.

The ultimate way to Protect All Your Vehicles

Taxi fleet insurance lets you protect many different taxi cab vehicles under the same policy including black cabs, minicabs, MPVs and minibuses. Whether you want to insure a single taxi, three taxis or any vast number of taxis, we work with professional firms to help find the perfect fitting cover for you.

Instead of purchasing a different policy for an individual vehicle and having to stress about multiple revival dates, and to avoid tons of paperwork and payments. It’s better to get a comprehensive insurance plan for your fleet of taxis.

Taxi fleet insurance allows you to arrange everything under the same account. The insurance provider will be glad to have more business. Normally you receive an offer as a discount for every additional motorcar that you count for insurance on the same policy. 

We work with a variety of vehicles that contains all sort of taxis 

Taxi fleet insurance policies are tailored to be easier to work with. Rather than buying individual policies for every taxi separately, you can add more cabs or you can remove as many as you want, including the motorists on the same fleet policy.

Normally Insurance policies for taxi fleets can accommodate three or more motorcars that are being used for taxi purposes. Normally, there is no limit to the number of cars that you can add to a taxicab fleet policy. 

We provide insurance for.

Private Hire Taxi Fleet Insurance 

We can supply cover for both private and public hire taxis. Private hire, normally known as saloons and minicabs are pre-booked via a taxi company and cannot be hailed on the road. To book a private hire taxi you will need to pre-order the cab possibly through their app. Generally, all of these motorcars have a yellow label on the front screen with the title of the taxi company and the fares they charge are decided by the private hire company.

Public Hire Taxi Fleet Insurance

This is different to a public hire taxi which is more normally comprehended as a taxi that you can grab on the street or wait for at a taxi rank. Typically known as ‘hackney carriages’ or ‘black cabs,’ these cabs normally have an orange color light, if it’s on then it means that the cab is available for the ride, it usually shows the availability of the taxi. if you see it then you can call for a cab if you need it. The transportation fee they charge is normally confined by the board.

So if you use a private hire or public hire taxi fleet, we can assist to get you covered. We can provide cover for any firm or for someone who is operating their cabs for “hire and reward” which is the official word for transporting passengers or things in trade for money.

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