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Gmail is an amazing and popular email service provider as it has outstanding features, remarkable services, and great updates. Yet the users frequently encounter technical snags like Gmail spell check not working. In case you are stuck, then you are supposed to follow and apply a few important steps and instructions. Read this blog carefully to find instructions to resolve all your troubles.

Why am I facing Gmail Spell check not working?

A lot of users witness technical issues associated with Google can’t verify my account. In case you are stuck, then you are supposed to follow and apply the steps and instructions that are explained here, but before that, find out the reasons. 

  • Maybe you have not enabled the spell check on Gmail
  • Probably there must be issues related to the internet connection
  • Maybe you have disabled the spell-check feature in your browser
  • There could be excessive cache in your browser
  • Probably you have installed a lot of browser extensions

Frequent and Instant Ways to resolve Gmail spell check not working!

To fix Gmail spell check not working, you are supposed to follow and apply a few important steps and instructions that are explained here:

You must restart your device

  • To open the start menu on the taskbar, you must press the Windows icon
  • Now, you must go to the power options tab
  • And then, you should select the restart option to reboot your device
  • Once you are done, you can go back and then check if spell check is not working

You must enable spell check in your browser

  • Tap on the settings button that is located at the upper right part of the browser
  • Now, you must move to the bottom, and then you must tap on ‘show advanced settings
  • You can simply scroll down, and then you must locate the languages section
  • And then, you must tap the ‘language and input the settings button.’
  • Now you should tick the box that is just beside the ‘enable spell checking.’
  • You can also tap on ‘custom spelling dictionary’ to add some words
  • Now, you will be able to see all the misspelled words underlined 

By applying the steps, you can simply resolve the issues without any fuss. 

You should restart your browser

  • You can simply click the X button, which is located at the top right corner of the window
  • This is usually done to prevent your browser from running
  • Now, you must wait for some time and then relaunch the browser
  • And then, you must try to re-access your Gmail account

Do not forget to enable spell check in Gmail

  • You can log into your Gmail account
  • Now, you can click on the settings icon
  • You must select the ‘see all settings’ option
  • In the general section, you must locate the spelling option
  • Now, you can hit the radio button that is located at the front 
  • And then, you must turn it on
  • Now, you should hit the ‘save spelling suggestions on’ button

A lot of users also witness technical snags like Gmail notifications not working or Gmail not receiving emails, and spell-check issues. One can fix it by applying and following the steps manually. 



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