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Shifting is all about the safety and security of belongings and for that, there is a need for reliable packers and movers services. It doesn’t matter whether you are relocating to a local or an intercity shifting, every shifting procedure should start with the job of packaging goods. Especially when you have valuables and fragile items involved, it becomes one of the nerve-wracking tasks of shifting that puts you on the edge. You can hire the service of Packers and Movers in Noida for a secure shifting of all your belongings.

Delicate items can be damaged if they aren’t handled with precision. They could be your expensive tiles, crockery, glass tabletop, picture frames, cutlery, jewelry, etc. So, you must have knowledge of the procedure to pack fragile items for long-distance shifting.

Special packaging of fragile items to provide extra support requires:

  • Carton boxes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Crockery and glass packers
  • Packing paper
  • Foams and,
  • Packing tapes

It is advisable to use sturdy boxes with compartments for fragile crockery and other items as it reduces the chances of damage while transportation.

Tips for packing Fragile Items

1. Avoid Flimsy Boxes

Always choose a thick and strong moving box as it is a good choice for you to pack fragile items. Cheap and flimsy packaging boxes can be a risk for your precious belongings while handling, so good quality boxes will be a good choice as they can tolerate sudden movements or shocks to keep the inside items safe.

2. Seal the Bottom of Moving Boxes with Tape

Using good quality packaging tape for taping the bottom of boxes will strengthen the boxes and make them ready to bear the weight of goods.

3. Cushion the Box Bottom with Packing Material

The weight of the items inside falls when you hold up a box. You can cushion the bottom of packaging boxes to provide them additional support. Use bubble wrap, foam, packing paper, or towels for cushioning and securing your fragile items.

4. Keep Heavier Items on the Bottom

Try to put heavier items at the bottom to create a stronger base in the moving boxes. After that, place lighter and smaller items on the top of the boxes to prevent them from getting crushed by the weight of heavy goods.

How to pack fragile items properly?

  • First of all, choose a strong carton box for delicate goods.
  • Use good-quality packing paper for filling the empty spaces in the boxes.
  • Always make sure to pack glasses upright and plates in the vertical direction.
  • Dishes are better to be kept at the bottom of the boxes, glasses should be on the top, and bowls at the center. This way, the delicate items will remain safe even in shock during transportation.
  • As we already discussed, lighter items should be kept on the top and heavier ones at the bottom.
  • Don’t forget to pack the dish pack tightly with ample crumbled paper.
  • Decorative and ceramic items in different shapes should be better packed separately from the other delicate things.
  • At last, label each box with “Fragile Glassware”, or “Delicate Items”, so that they can be handled with utmost care while shifting.

These are a few ways that one should follow while packing fragile items for shifting purposes. But for better safety and security of your belongings, while shifting, it is wise to hire a trustworthy service like Packers and Movers in Greater Noida as they have expert workers who know the best way to handle fragile items.

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